Is Technology heading to a New Level for Online Money Transfer?

According to scientists, the world is getting ready for the 4th revolution. Information technology is still the hot plate for novel inventions. Today, every aspect of survival is almost linked to IT. Whether it is getting the life-saving medicines at home, getting your clothes ready by a robot, covering a distance of miles in seconds, attending video links globally, online money transfer is the solution. Even in the developing countries of Africa, you can easily send money online. If you want to send money to Bangladesh, cash pickups and bank transfers are not a big deal now.

Following are a few of the most commonly used applied areas of information technology:

Can You Do E-banking or Online Money Transaction through Banks?

Electronic banking is the voguish kind of banking in which the phone is the medium. A secure internet connection is required. Software is installed on the phone, after the learning phase of how to use the application, one can enjoy the benefits. Just by one tap, you can make payments, transactions, bill payment, pay for shopping via credit or debit cards, pay at road tolls, get drafts, have insurance policies and do online shopping. Internet banking is secured although, but the hackers have the technologies two times extra than the organizations. To keep your money safe, do not make use of public Wi-Fi as public connections have unauthorized access.


Electronic trading is online trading. The ways to trade between people include scalping trading, swing trading, momentum trading, day trading, and position trading. One has to purchase online software available on the internet. They are not usually free but various offers are offered for the beginners. Commission rates are lessened and free pieces of training are also given. E-trading is getting popular day by day. Even teenagers are working at home. A guy is a billionaire now just in his twenties by using e-trading.

Online Pharmacies:

Online pharmacy is a cause of the wellbeing of the public. Such pharmacies work by taking orders at phone, emails or SMS. The patient and his daily medication schedule are kept in mind via the software and Pharmacist’s observation. Make sure the pharmacy is registered with the pharmacy council of your country. In case of any doubts, do report to the council or authority.

Patients’ mostly geriatric patients are using online pharmacies. No need to pay a visit, get your medicines timely while resting on the couch. A Pharmacist supervises the sales and makes sure the assistant is delivering the right treatment. No prescription drug is provided without the proof of a prescription, and the record of prescriptions is sophisticatedly maintained. When the medicines are short for the regular customer, he is notified timely to avoid any inconvenience or discontinuation in therapy.

Online pharmacies play a significant role to improve patient compliance. Normally, patients are reluctant or forget to bring medicines timely at home. In this case, online orders are lifesaving. The advancement in technology is fulfilling the need for the patient.

Work from home:

Unemployment is as alarming as suicide is. Technology has made itself so much vigorous that even this issue has been resolved. Firstly, an online job search is fundamental in getting jobs. The recruiters and the job seekers have their data in their profile. Both of them can contact each other easily. A few examples are LinkedIn and Indeed.

Freelancing is key to this issue. Freelancers work from home or organizations, but they make money by using the internet. Various nature of this kind of work is blogging, CV making or editing, the formation of PowerPoint presentations, solving the question papers, making assignments and proofreading.

How to Send Money Online Globally?

One can send money online instead of sending payment orders. The most common techniques for money transfer are a bank account, GooglePay and online money transfer companies, such as ACE Money Transfer.

In the case of a bank account, sending money can take some time as transferring is processed in various steps. Bank visits are also tiresome. The convenient and hassle-free way is by using your cell phone. Although some transfer apps charge some fee, the suitability matters a lot.

ACE Money Transfer works in just minutes. The sender can send money to Bangladesh online in a short time. The transfer is a safe route and the exchange rates are customer friendly. To support your loved ones from UK, Germany, Italy and Spain, their services can be relied on.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence is abbreviated as AI. It makes use of computer networks to mimic human intelligence. Supercomputers were an advancement in technology until artificial intelligence took place. The field is still understudies and has a lot to work on. The future, according to computer scientists, belongs to artificial intelligence the software of a pharmacy. They recognize whether the patients’ medications are according to the need. The treatment options would be allocated as well as the dispensing. AI installed robots will process the data 10,000 times more than humans. The cars with AI will determine the path themselves, opt the best route and drive themselves. Although various concepts regarding why it should not be in the future, it is the future.

3D printing:

3D printing is a well-known system these days. The technology uses special printers to print things in physical forms. Printing with physical existence, that is the concept. The most printed up till now are plastics of different kinds.

The printer is associated with a high-performance computer. The command from the computer is processed. The printer is filled with the media required for the command progress.

For example, if you have to prepare a tablet, enter the required active ingredient and specific excipients. The computer software designs the proposed model of the tablet. Select the appropriate option and click ok. The printer then moves in forward & backward motion and slowly releases the media. The final 3D printed tablet is obtained, and the process is kept under well sanitary conditions. The extra powder is dusted off, and the command is given again for the next tablet to be prepared.

The technology is heading towards artificial intelligence, 3D printing, and biotechnology-related products. The more comfort of humans has been increased to an infinite limit, but 3D printing & AI can place professionals in older zones. Such technologies will require 1–2 persons to handle the work of 20–30 persons in the industry.