Is there any easy way to open a bank account in the UK?

Do you ever think about digital applications used to send money to Senegal without visiting a bank? In this article, we will throw light on the requirements of opening a bank account anywhere in the United Kingdom in any bank. We will also try to understand if there is an easy method to open a bank account in the UK, particularly if you belong to Senegal and intend to send wire money to Senegal from an account in the UK.

Despite the existence of many online money transfer companies of repute and credibility such as ACE, many people still believe money transfer to Senegal or other countries through banks in a conventional way is the safest and more secure option.

Now let’s try to understand the procedure of opening a bank account in England.

Every country has set in place certain rules and regulations to regulate its banking services. Although, these regulations remain the same largely there are slight differences when it comes to initiating a transaction or opening a bank account.

Similarly, the banks in England to are regulated by such rules and regulations. And if you are moving to the UK to earn a living, one of the basic requirements you are bound to fulfil is to open a bank account. To open a bank account, you basically need to provide two basic documents which are; one, to prove your identity and two, to prove your address.

Needless to say, that you can prove your address through your passport, license or identity card.

But, while you can prove your identity and address by providing the above mentioned two documents, you are also required to provide any or all of the following documents. Why we said any or all is because, as mentioned earlier, not all banks have the same requiems to be fulfilled for opening an account and to send money to Senegal online from your bank account. These documents are:

  • A mortgage statement or tenancy certificate;
  • A recent utility (water, gas, electricity) bill issued in your name which should be less than three months old;
  • A recent bank or credit statement that is not printed off the internet which should not be more than three months old; and
  • The latest council tax bill.

Other than these, there is hardly any other document that a bank may require but still different banks accept different documents as proof of address.

As for choosing the right bank is concerned, it depends on your choice and preferences, since some banks may charge you less but take a lot of time to initiate a transaction and then send money. While other banks may provide fast money transfers to different parts worldwide, but they may charge you more for their services. Yet some other banks may be located far away from you where you may find it hard to commute. So, it all depends on how you have set your priorities.

Conclusion:- From all of the above we have clearly understood that opening a bank account in any bank in England is not difficult. You can also open an account online provided you meet the two basic requirements of proving your identity and proving your address. It is neither difficult nor technical; rather it is simple to open a bank account in the UK whether you hail from Senegal or any other country of the world. Online money transfer to Senegal from the UK is also a smart way of money transfer.