Is There Any Hassle-Free Way to Send money to Ghana?

Are you a Ghana migrant seeking for a way to send money to Ghana and not finding the best one? Then online money transfer ends up your research. Let’s have a look at the methods that ACE Money transfer providing to send money online.

Cash Pick-up

Cash pick up is the fastest and effortless way to money transfer to Ghana. You can send money for cash pick up in your recipient country with the best exchange rate. Cash pick up is instant and posted to the desired location selected by the sender.

Also send money to other countries like Ghana, India, Nepal, Philippines & Uganda.

Money Transfer Online

Online money transfer is the best for transferring a large amount in a short time maximum of 24 hours if you send it to the money transfer service. People prefer and striving for an online money transfer service that helps them to send money in the lowest fee and maximum of the exchange rate.

You are migrant transfer money to Ghana by selecting the affiliated banks listed by the specific money transfer service. You can cash from any branch of the selected bank.

What is Required to Send Money to Ghana?

When sending money to Ghana, money transfer service providers will require that you provide some information.

The information varies from one provider to another and the method of sending money you choose. That said, the following are some of the details that you’ll have to provide.

Your government-issued I.D. You could also provide your passport, social security card or driving license depending on your jurisdiction

  • The amount of money you want to send
  • The recipient’s name as it appears on their Ghana National Identity Card
  • The recipient’s phone number
  • The recipient’s bank account details which include the bank name, branch name, branch address, branch code, and the SWIFT/BIC code.

Depending on where you are sending from, you may have to provide additional information to satisfy the authorities.

What to Consider Before Sending Money?

Low fee: Priority of every customer to send money to Ghana online but not every money transfer service did not provide it. They claim it, but your money will deduct from your payment method as the charge hidden fee.

Exchange rate: The exchange rate must be high within the low fee. Some companies claim to give you a higher exchange rate but do not forget to have a look at their expense. It may be very high, and you get a shocking surprise when your recipient tells you how much amount they get.

What to Bear in Mind When Sending Money to Ghana?

The process to send money to Ghana has become extremely simple and convenient in the modern era. There are two main reasons why it is now becoming easier than ever:

  1. The number of people living abroad and relying on money transfer services to send money globally is increasing each year.
  2. Thanks to internet and recent technologies, the time and effort required to send money to any part of the world is now efficient, affordable and quick.

Despite all the ease and simplicity, there are still some things that one must bear in mind. Many people have to send money abroad on a regular basis.

And a large number of people usually rely on recommendations and referrals from friends and peers when finding a service provider. And in the rush to send money they mostly forget to consider the following aspects:

Is The Money Transfer Safe?

In the modern era, majority of the people rely on service providers rather than banks when they wish to send money quickly online. Despite the fact that banks take longer to transfer money abroad, security is an aspect one never had to worry about.

But this is not the case when it comes to service providers. There are only a few service providers like ACE Money Transfer who ensure that the money reaches the destination safely.

What Is the Cost Involved in The Process?

Expense is a factor that is a concern when it comes to money transfer to Ghana. Two aspects that add to the expense are the transfer fee and the exchange rate of the currency. It is important to inquire about the transfer fee of the service provider before finalizing anything.

The service provider you choose should have the lowest transfer fee possible. Moreover, when currency is sent from one country to another, the exchange rate matters a lot. It is a wiser approach to send money when the exchange rate of the currency is as high as possible. The more you have the higher exchange rate, the more money can be transferred to your loved ones in Ghana.

This way you can ensure that the money sent retains maximum value. Another important thing is to speak to the service provider and ensure that no hidden charges are included and you are not being overcharged regarding any aspect of the money transfer. The competition is high, and therefore everything is often mentioned on the websites or apps of the companies. Reputed companies never try to gain short term profits, because customer satisfaction is their prime priority before earning money.

How Long Will It Take for The Money to Reach the Destination?

There are circumstances where the time required for the money to be sent is not a problem. But in other situations for example, in the case of any medical emergency, the time frame during which the money is received at the destination matters a lot.

Most service providers have different options through which one can send money abroad. Inquire about the time required by each medium of money transfer. Accordingly pick the one that is most suitable given your circumstances. If you are always on the go, then consider a service provider that has a user-friendly app. This not only provides you a quick access of your transactions, but you can also use it while moving in a metro, bus or even in your workplace. For online money transfer to Ghana, keep things in mind.