Keep these things in mind whenever you send money online!

Expatriates who send money to Ghana have quite rapidly gained a huge scope globally with the rise of internet technology. Most people now make huge transactions of money only through the online services available. But if you are going to transfer money to Ghana or other parts of the world through online services, you will need to remember the following few details.

While a few money transfers are rapid and easy, there are a few things that you should always keep in mind before you make the transaction. Four such things are given to help you avoid falling into outfalls while making online remittance transactions.


Register Your Email And Phone Number

You must register your mobile number and the email address with a bank and let the transaction notification be sent to you. If your bank account details are compromised, and someone has been using your funds from your account, this notification will let you take very quick actions to prevent further damage.


Cross-Check The Beneficiary Details

To start the online transfer, you must first register the details of the beneficiary that is your recipient. You will then be asked to enter their full name, bank account number, IFSC code, branch name, and the beneficiary’s daily transaction limit.

Cross-check the details you have entered before you sub the details to ensure that there aren’t any errors. Any mistake may result in huge issues.


Avoid Using Public WI-FI

This is also a very important step if you want to transfer money to Ghana or any other part of the world. It would help if you didn’t use public WiFi for any online transactions you make.

This is mainly true if you are using the mobile app of your bank for making online transactions. Such connections are not that secure and may lead to the result of your banking details being compromised.


Use ECS For Making Regular Payments

For all the monthly payments, such as utility bills, you may use the ECS that is an Electronic Clearing Service facility. By letting ECS for all of your mobile bills, the bill amount will then be deducted from your bank account on the fixed dates. This will help you get out of the process very easily and let everything be automated.

These are very few things that will let you make safe online transactions and let you be highly managed in your life. You won’t have to spare time to send money by going to banks and getting your work done. Sitting at home and making online transactions are the biggest perks of sending money through online services.

If you also need such services, then ACE Money Transfer can be of your help. You can get any amount of your money sent to any part of the world and be relieved that there won’t be any risks in it.


Sending money online is safe if you keep all of the basic safety precautions in mind. Online money transfers to Ghana are a straightforward option, but a lot may go wrong if you don’t keep your eyes open. Above mentioned tips must always be kept in mind so that you don’t make mistakes that lead to huge losses.

You can get started with smaller amounts of money, and later on, when you feel safe and confident, you can move to larger amounts in transfer. Many business owners easily move to the online transaction methods to cut off the extra round they had to make to the banks or use paycheques instead.

So are you ready to make your first online transaction or send money to Ghana online or other parts of the world?