Manchester Career Fair

ACE Money Transfer is one of the world’s leading money transfer service that has been operating more than ninety countries around the world. And obvious with such a huge success they are not going to stop anytime soon which means that ACE Money Transfer will continue to expand their services in many other countries as well. In a number of countries, people can send money online. And with such a huge and continuous expansion there is always a need for recruiting more members to be a part of ACE Family. So during a recent visit of senior HR Manager of ACE Money Transfer to the UK, he participated in an annual job fair of the University of Manchester.

Job Fair

This Job fair was named as Manchester Career Fair, and in this fair several world’s leading companies participate to recruit some brilliant minds of this university, and as obvious ACE Money Transfer was one of them. Mr. Farrukh Khan represented ACE Money Transfer in this job fair, and he brought awareness about this brand to the students of the university.

The University of Manchester is one of the great educational institutes in the UK withholding 27th rank worldwide, and 5th Rank in the whole UK. This is the only university with the largest number of international students in the whole UK. In this job fair, Mr. Farrukh also had a business meeting with Ms. Annika Zimmer who is one of the representatives of the University of Manchester.

Job Opportunities

Once students got to know about the brand ACE Money Transfer and that it is a multi-national company, so they showed interest in the opportunities that are going to be provided by ACE. Soon ACE will open up a Yearlong and summer internships for the students. And for the graduates with a different country background has more opportunities to start working with ACE Money Transfer while living in their homeland, and earning a handsome salary.