Money send to Bangladesh

Money send to Bangladesh

The ratio of money send to Bangladesh is growing high. Remittance inflows of Bangladesh are the second-highest foreign currency earnings for the Bangladeshis economics. Remittance sent by the Bangladeshis migrants makes a significant impact on the overall economic development of Bangladesh. The World Bank stated that Bangladesh is the 9th country that receive most of the remittance from other countries.

Ways for money send to Bangladesh

Indeed nowadays there is no shortage of sources for sending money to where you want. Some money sends ways are given below.


This is one of the best and well-known ways of sending money. Most of the people use this way because they think it is safer than other ways. A typical value of sending money with a bank is 6.6% according to the World Bank. This is a costly way of sending money for a big amount. It charges more fees for converting currencies.

Exchange brokers

A variety of solutions exist in the market. But use caution and compare the rate of the provider because rates vary a lot between different solutions. Be aware of fraud brokers while doing the transaction.

Online money transfer organization

There are many money transfer organizations online. All of these are best and secure. Some of the money transfer organization are given below:

TRANSFAST: Transfast provides you convenience, security, and money-back guarantee. It provides you with the facility of Bank deposit and cash pickup. It makes possible 2 days deposit to Sonali Bank, BRAC Bank, Islami Bank, Janata Bank, and many more.  Transfast makes your transaction possible in 24/7 and the whole year. TRANSFAST has a strong connection with approximately more than 55 banks.

World Remit: World Remit facilitate you with the services of Bank Transfer, Cash pickup, Mobile money, Airtime top-up. It is safe, fast and has a huge amount of trusted users. You can track your transactions with their app. You got a message when the recipient picks up their funds.

XOOM: It is the easiest way to send money to Bangladesh. They provide you with the facility to pay for your transaction through the bank account, credit card, and debit card. You can instantly do a bank transfer to Social Islami Bank Limited in seconds or 2 days for other banks.

Azimo: It is a fast, convenient, and cheap service. It provides you with 30-minute cash delivery. It also provides you SWIFT facility for your cash transfer to Bangladesh.

Ria Money Transfer: RIA is a secure money transfer. It makes over 1 billion transfer safely. To attract the customer RIA makes an offer to add 5 euros in a first money transaction. They take a low fee form you to make the transaction.

There are many other trusted names in online money organizations. Like Transferwise and western union.

ACE Money Transfer

ACE Money Transfer is a trusted online money transfer organization. It combines all of the great features in it that we think a money organization must-have.

ACE sends money online at any time with a low fee. They provide the best exchange rates and transfer money in a short time. ACE Money Transfer provides multiple payment options which are safe and secure. The payment option includes bank transfer and cash pickup. They provide the feature of tracking your transaction for customer satisfaction.

Cash pickup

You can pick up your cash instantly on the same day when the transaction is made. ACE has strong connections to banks for ease of its customers. And besides these banks, there are several payout partners as well that you can utilize in order to receive your cash.

Bank deposits

This is a secure and cheap way to transfer money to all commercial banks in Bangladesh. Transactions made for bank deposits are not enough instant. The Money will be deposited into the receiver bank account 1 to 3 working days. It provides you with an admirable remittance experience.