Send Money Transfer app in Pakistan

Money Transfer app in Pakistan

A report presented by the survey, according to that more than 60% of people have been using the Money Transfer app in Pakistan. Do you think money transfer through the app in Pakistan is difficult or headache for normal living people? No, Money Transfer app is the best and easy way to transfer money in a few clicks. For Money Transfer in Pakistan, there are many apps available which are the confident and good choice.

Why people prefer ACE Money Transfer app?

Many Money Transfer apps in Pakistan are available. Talking about the best one that makes the customer or client happy with its services. There is an app called ACE Money Transfer. Which provides ease of use and entertain its customer. They provide great customer support. ACE Money Transfer app is available on google play store and app store. It has amazing rating on google play and app store. Installing the app people must check the rating and reviews, which comes naturally insight.

How it helps people for Money Transfer in Pakistan?

It says on google play in about this app section “Making it simple for you!”. That’s the truth. Just a simple steps to follow which can be understandable by any native user or somehow called a new user. Don’t worry about how you can use it. It has amazing customer support. They respond to every of its user who comments about their app. Almost all users have positive reviews. They answer them in a very polite and good way which makes the company grow.

What are those Features of ACE Money Transfer app that attract people of Pakistan?

First of all the things they have an amazing rating on google play store which is 4.3/5 and has 50,000 plus installation on google play store. If you are new on their app a message displayed on the screen Join ACE Family to Register yourself. For registration, it requires email, password, location, phone number, and all these things are secured by the privacy policy.

More details

If you login to ACE Money Transfer app a welcome message appeared Welcome Back and there is an amazing feature called Enable Touch ID. There is a Dashboard that shows the client name and client code. The dashboard has options for sending money, my transactions, my beneficiaries, and my account. On the upper side, it has the options of location, customer and logout. My account shows name, location and email address beneath that there are options like personal data, address, identify documents, support, settings, and logout. Send money shows payment method which can be debit card and all the required financial detail. Best part there is an option to show all of our Transaction summaries.

What does ACE Money Transfer say about cash transfers?

ACE Money Transfer has continuously been an attempt to fulfill the expectations of its client and continues to serve the high demands for cash transfers around the World. People strongly believe that these days sending cash become a core of happiness. ACE Money Transfer has expanded its networks to Europe, Africa, Asia, geographic region to entertain its customers worldwide for causing and receiving cash. To build a far stronger relationship, ACE money Transfer currently brings the best, quickest and safest mobile app to transfer cash to your loved ones.

Payout partners connected with ACE Money Transfer in Pakistan

ACE Money Transfer has a vast network in Pakistan. The list is given below:

  1. MCB Bank Limited Pakistan
  2. Bank of Punjab
  3. JS Bank Limited
  4. Allied Bank Limited
  5. Bank Alfalah Limited
  6. United Bank Limited
  7. Silk Bank Limited Pakistan
  8. Meezan Bank Pakistan.

ACE Money transfer app for sending money in Pakistan

ACE Money Transfer is connected to several banks in Pakistan that are serving to customers to access the money that is sent online. Their markup rate is extremely affordable. They’re very secure and that they create transactions in only a few seconds.