Money Transfer to Bangladesh online

Money Transfer to Bangladesh online

World Bank reported Bangladesh is the 9th country who receives the most of Money Transfer from abroad. Indeed there are many ways to Money Transfer to Bangladesh online. You surely want to know about the best that creates a confident environment for Money Transfer to Bangladesh online.

Which Countries does Money Transfer to Bangladesh the most?

All figures are set according to the World Bank report, a total of 15.3 billion US dollars received in 2015. This is raised by more than 15% in the last three years. Where does all the money come from? Mainly from India ($4.4 billion sent), the United Arab Emirates ($2.7 billion), Saudi Arabia ($3.7 billion) and the other 13 % of other countries.

What are the famous options to Transfer Money to Bangladesh?


The best well-known solution as most of the people uses their bank to send cash abroad. However, the fees with banks are immense to convert currencies as a result of they take a margin on the rate of exchange used.

According to the World Bank, the typical value of sending cash to Bangladesh with a bank is 6.6% of the dealing in percentage. It’s very costly particularly for big amounts of cash sent.

Foreign exchange brokers:

A good choice to remit massive sums of cash to Bangladesh is to use a broker.

Checks and Telegraphs represent in a different way of sending cash to Bangladesh that is a slower technique.

As several solutions exist on the market use caution to always compare the rates of those providers before transferring your cash to Bangladesh. Because the prices will vary a lot between the solutions.

Online Money Transfer provider:

International money payment services to send cash to Bangladesh

  • Azimo: since recently Azimo provides a money service to Bangladesh. Their rates are smart and you’ll pay by MasterCard, debit card or local bank transfer. The cash is accessible in minutes.
  • WorldRemit: provides additionally a money service in Bangladesh.
  • Western Union: several locations within the country to pick-up the money.
  • MoneyGram: many locations to pick-up the money.
  • Xpress money: another choice to deliver the cash by cash in Bangladesh.
  • Ria Money Transfer: 5’900 locations around to send cash within the country. You’ll pay by Mastercard, debit or bank account and also the cash will be accessible there in 15 minutes.
  • Sigue Money Transfer: accessible in over 3’000 retailers and shops throughout the country.

Why people choose ACE Money Transfer for sending money online?

There is Global name in services known as ACE Transfer Money. There is a secure way to Transfer Money to Bangladesh online. It provides you the highest exchange rates with admirable Services. It also provides you with Peerless Remittance experience. Customers choose them because they offer low fee & best exchange rates. It is safe and secure, convenient and easy.

Countries where you can transfer money from

More than 20 countries are there where you can transfer money from are:

France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.

Bangladesh Banks that provide you best services through ACE Money Transfer

ACE Money Transfer provides instant transfer of money to Bangladesh. Money or cash will be ready to pick up instantly from any branch of the following Banks on Same Day. Those Banks are:

  1. Exim Bank Bangladesh
  2. First Security Bank Bangladesh
  3. Union Bank Bangladesh
  4. The Farmers Bank Limited Bangladesh
  5. Modhumati Bank Limited Bangladesh
  6. Meghna Bank Limited Bangladesh
  7. Southeast Bank Limited Bangladesh
  8. One Bank Ltd Bangladesh
  9. Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited Bangladesh
  10. Mercantile Bank Limited Bangladesh
  11. Jamuna Bank Limited Bangladesh
  12. UCBL Bangladesh
  13. NCC Bank.