Money transferring companies- Comparison:

There is a lot to take care of when sending money to people you love. It is crucial that you choose the best option that will benefit you in the best way. Visiting a variety of money transferring company websites is such a hectic task to do. Among different minimums and maximums, currencies, transfer methods, fees and exchange rates, finding out how to compare money transfer companies can be complex.  You can find below those minimums and maximums which can help you choose the right  money transfer company.

  • Paysera:   Paysera will exchange more than 30 different currencies for you for the cheapest international money transfer rates in foreign currencies. You can also use it to transfer money for free inside the European Union. To send money in another currency for a lower fee, it is suggested to exchange the currency first.
  • Transferwise: Transferwise operates in 59 countries and offers international money payment system and exchanges money in 38 currencies. Transferwise charges from 0.5 % to 2.5 %, which is pretty fair enough, from the transfer amount, but not less than 200 EUR.
  • TransferGo: It offers a good service to transfer money to 44 countries and charges a fixed fee for a transfer, which depends on the country. The currency exchange for TransferGo fee varies from 0.4 % up to 2.2 %.
  • Western Union: Western Union is one of the earliest, expertise and expensive money transfer companies in the world.  International transfers are performed to 200 countries; the fee, again, depends on the country and currency.