January 22, 2020
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Automaker Industry: Facing Threat

Looking at the details and upcoming news from the automobile industry there is going to be greater strikes and so on. A contract between the united auto Worker and General Motors is going to down the limitations. Because they didn’t meet up with what was decided and now the deadline is near. After this deadline, serious threats and strikes are expected to be placed over there. Therefore it should be kept safe and sound and people should be aware of these upcoming challenges.

There are so many reasons behind the failure of this contract and that reasons include health care costs as the first concern. Seconds comes to the jobs and third the proper profit sharing. These things are not dealt with in this regard and this is what which make the things difficult for the companies to be managed and now serious threats are there for both of them. If they could have achieved their targets so this would not be the situation but they didn’t qualify enough to make it happen. This is the reason which is going to be a game-changing event and people should be aware of with all of these.