The Role of Outdoor industry in US Economy

The Role of Outdoor industry in US

The economy of the US is supported by many factors and one major thing which helps the economy to be stabilized against the changing economic conditions is the outdoor industry. The industry is well versed and supportive and they are participating in the country by putting their role of 2.2% almost. This is one of the great aspects of this industry. Moreover, this industry is booming as well but the tax prices on this industry are kept on rising in recent months.

The outdoor industry is participating by putting its share of $412 billion in the US economy. The industry is also providing jobs to millions of Americans. The accounts of the industry come across $887 billion when it comes about customer spending. The same industry is working as the righteous core of success as they are promoting the likelihood of growth. The tax duty has been raised from 25% to 32% in recent months. This factor is making the industry to feel so low and making their existence a big threat as well. However, the industry is also working on the change of their prices and if they have been successfully raised the price in accordance with the adaptive tax rates so they will keep on booming again.

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