Tim Hortons: The Leading Brand of Canada not of US

The Leading Brand of Canada not of US

Canadian food chain named “Tim Hortons” is also flourishing to the US Market. Basically, this is a food chain of Canada that is really fabulous and renowned. Due to their taste and quality, this is the best choice of Canadian people. The company was performing so well and looking at this trend the officials of the company thought to step in the US.

Looking at the success of the Tim Hortons which has a branch for every 9800 citizens to serve them the breakfast, lunch and other eatables from time to time. The officials of the company decided to move to the US market. But they forgot that they have to defeat the Starbucks and Dunkin in the US. They found a really bad reaction in the US and couldn’t keep pace with the successive intervals in the market. Moreover, when in Canada so the company was doing very well, the success can be idealized in the way that the company was well enough to generate almost 60% of the revenue while working in Canada but when they stepped in the US so the success was not there for them. They have to play hard to keep the survival of the company.



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