Mr. Trump has recently twitted that he is going to delay the terrify hikes for a couple of weeks. This would be a sign of gesture from the US. He also added that that delay was requested by Chinese people and that is why this is being delayed by the government of the US is a sign of good symptom. Looking for the many aspects it can be seen that the people who are living in the US will also face the aftershocks of the terrify hikes.

Recently the US has decided to raise the duty tax on the chicness goods from the rate of 25% to 30% ultimately. This will be a big for the Chinese and for that thing they have requested to move it ahead. Previously it was decided that the rise will be applied on 1st October but now the rise has been delayed due to some reasons. Now it will be imposed on 15th October. The rate of tax on the goods of 250 Billion dollars was 255 but now it will move to 30% and that is how it will be applied from 15th October. That is how the world’s greatest economies are changing their policies.


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