One Special Hour for the Sake of Humanity – Earth Hour 2022

The hour for the Earth is an hour for a safe future.

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Each year, at 8:30 p.m. on the last Saturday of March, people worldwide join together to take action and raise awareness about the challenges confronting our one home, “Earth”. However, this gathering of Earth Hour is more than simply passing an hour for the planet. In fact, it is a revolution for our future, for the good of both people and the world. But it’s not just a symbol of unity; it’s also a change agent, harnessing the force of the crowd.

Significance of this Special Hour

WWF’s Earth Hour is a global grassroots movement that brings people together to take measures on environmental concerns and defend the planet from further ecological destruction. Earth Hour was notably launched in 2007 as a lights-out event in Sydney, Australia, engaging a broad mainstream population. Since then, it has expanded to involve millions of supporters in over 185 countries and territories, encouraging individuals and organisations all around the globe to take action for the environment and forcing significant legislative changes by using the power of the public. The one-hour lights out event continues to be a symbol of greater dedication to nature and our world as the movement expands.

Earth Hour – History

Earth Hour is far more than a one-time event; it is a movement that culminates in an hour of inspiration celebrated throughout the world each year around the end of March. The inaugural Earth Hour took place on March 31, 2007. Sydney residents were motivated to demonstrate their support for climate action by WWF-Australia. During the opening ceremony of Earth Hour, almost 2.2 million people and 2,000 businesses turned down their lights for one hour.

If you’re wondering how to spend your Saturday evening on March 26th, Earth Hour, look no further! This blog post is your go-to for the most special hour for the sake of future generations. 

How You Can Show Gratitude Towards our Planet During This Special Hour

After you’ve turned down the lights, here’s what you can do to spend the Hour with your friends, family, and community – whether at home, outside, online, or in-person – to make it an evening to remember:

  • Spiritual Connection with Nature.

Nature not only provides us with clean air, water, and food; it is also necessary for our health and pleasure! So, spend the Hour with friends and family outside. Here are a few more suggestions:

  • Explore your surroundings like beaches, parks or spaces that provide a taste of natural bloom.
  • Hiking is a more excellent option for exploring nature enveloped in the night sky.
  • It is an amazing idea to go with your loved ones for stargazing or camping. 


  1. Have a feast with your loved ones.

Valentine’s Day is not the only day for candlelight dinners! This Earth Hour, dine in the dark and prepare some eco-friendly recipes. Since the essence of this particular hour is to become a sustainable and eco-friendly individual, make sure to use bio-degradable material for your feasts. 

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  • Increase your knowledge.

The first step before taking action is to become aware and gain knowledge. Use this beautiful Hour to learn more about your amazing planet, the difficulties you face, and what you can do to change things. 

  • Learn the skills to become more sustainable in your daily life.
  • Learn more about environmental degradation and climate change.
  • Do you have any children? Assist kids in doing exciting science experiments about the natural world. Who knows, it might even fascinate you.


  • Do not forget to give back to your community!

The issues that the world faces can only be overcome if humans work together, empower one another, and foster a sense of oneness. Several events in the form of a podcast, YouTube live, Facebook live or even Twitch events happen during this particular hour for making the world understand the true essence of Earth Hour. 

  • Be the artistic child you always wanted to be!

If you don’t feel like working your body that night, try using your creative mind! 

  • Try your hand at night photography or painting on a little canvas.
  • Re-arrange anything from around the house or your closet with a fun twist.
  • If you have children, it’s not too late to paint with glow-in-the-dark paints to experience a fun time with them.


This Hour is for You!

Earth Hour does not pretend to be an exercise in energy or carbon reduction; instead, it is a symbolic activity. As a result, you do not conduct measurements of energy or carbon reduction levels. Earth Hour is a global campaign that encourages individuals, corporations, and governments to take responsibility for their environmental footprints and engage in discourse and resource exchange that leads to meaningful solutions to our environmental concerns. Participation in Earth Hour represents a desire to change that extends even beyond this unique and meaningful hour.

We at ACE Money Transfer value the idea of this meaningful hour to become a united and beautiful world where everyone cherishes their surroundings and gives back the positivity that this Earth has given us.

So, be a part of this meaningful Earth Hour and save the planet for future generations!