Online Money Transfer; Cheapest Way to Send Money to Nepal

send money to Nepal

Day by day rate of people that send money to Nepal is increasing. It is due to the fact Nepal is having a low economic infrastructure and is an underdeveloped country. More and more people are migrating from Nepal to other developed countries to have better monthly income and can send money to Nepal supporting their family financially.

But the thing that hurts the most is when you earn after working the whole month endless is ready to send money online, and you get a high transfer fee and lousy exchange rates in return. It doesn’t end here; you have to travel physically to money transfer firms and wait for their prolonged processes. To a person away from the homeland, this is not less than an unexpected slap from money transfer services when he/she ought to send money to Nepal.

And if you are too someone who wants to send money to Nepal using the fast remittance service and in the cheapest way possible then follow us through the article because you are going to expose to great news ahead. 

Money Transfer Services

There are many money transfer services that aid to money transfer to Nepal or any other part of the world, but such money transfer services exist to date with their following snags:

  • They demand a high transfer fee on each remittance.
  • They provide reduced exchange rates when it’s time to money transfers to Nepal or any other part of the world.
  • They cause its customers to wait long for money remittance and transactions.

In short, such money transfer services have confused their customers and making their money by putting them in a hassle process.

The best, reliable, fast and cheapest way to send money to Nepal is “online money transfer service.” It has put its customers at liberty by providing the following astounding features, and yes! They are for real.

  • Fast remittance service
  • High exchange rates
  • Minimal or zero transfer fees
  • Multiple transfer methods
  • Instant transactions
  • Many delivery options
  • Globally connected services
  • Vast network
  • Multiple cash pickup points
  • Reliable and comfortable service
  • Secure and safe service

Along with low-cost remittance, all these features are probably a treat for you. Now, the very next question that might be coming in your minds after seeing such astonishing features of online money transfer service is:

Some Steps about Transferring Money

So the answer is simple, follow the below steps and grow up your family back at Nepal financially without any money loss in extra dues that became a headache for you whenever you send money in Nepal using other money transfer services:

Step one:

The first and foremost thing to do is choosing a reliable and authentic money transfer service provider. This step might be tricky but don’t worry, trust ACE Money Transfer for this cause, it will surely meet your expectations as it is delivering its services and satisfying its customers with its services for the past 17 years.

Step two:

After visiting an online money transfer website or downloading ACE Money Transfer App, register yourself by making your account.

Step three:

Add your information and beneficiary information.

Step four:

Please enter the amount you want to transfer money to Nepal and pay for it using multiple payout methods such as through

  • Bank deposits
  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards


See, your amount has been moved to Nepal online using this cheapest money transfer service within seconds. And yet there is another surprise for you that you have not to travel anywhere for your money transfer. All of this does use a smart gadget having internet access in a few clicks within a fraction of seconds. The other surprising factor is, the amount you have entered is transferred to Nepal without any charges hence it proves that online money transfer is the cheapest and fastest way to send money to Nepal or anywhere around the world.