Online Money Transfer Company Surpassing the Others

If you are someone looking for the best way to money transfer to Philippines or you, have encountered online money transfers service but is unable to know about its services then follow us throughout the writing and clear up your mind.

This article will help you to know about:

  • What is an online money transfer service?
  • Why is online money transfer service dominating other money transfers services?


Online Money Transfer Service; Peerless Money Transfer Service:

Online money transfer service is the modern way to send money to the Philippines or any other part of the world using the combined technology of money transfer company and electronic fund transfer. It is the fastest, most convenient and safest money transfer service causing secure money transfer to Philippines or any place of your choice.

Why is Online Money Transfer Service Dominating Other Money Transfers Services?

Many online monies transfer services are offering their services to their customers have the following snags:

  • They demand massive transfer fees that cost half of your hard-earned money.
  • They provide reduced exchange rates on each money transfer.
  • They cause you to physically attend them every time you have to transfer money to the

Philippines or any other part around the globe, wasting your time and money.

  • You have to wait long for their delayed processes.
  • Moreover, you have to face currency exchange issues through using such money transfer services, mainly when your money transfers to Philippines.

How is online money transfer service the dominant money transfer service? It can be easily predicted by going through our customer experience.

Customer Experience:

It has been six months that Joshua came to the UK from Philippines to get a job and to support his family back in the Philippines. It took him three months to get settled in the UK. He got a job well enough to meet his family expenditure. As the eldest in his family, he has the responsibility of his four younger sibling education, home expenditures, and parents’ medical expenses.


Using Online Money Transfer Service:

After my settlement in the UK, the time came to money transfer to the Philippines. Being new to the remittance industry, I was not able to find a way to money transfer online.

I got extended job hours; therefore, travelling to a money transfer service firm was so difficult for me. I visited once, made my account and transferred money, but I was said to wait for the transfer and come some another day. After a long wait and three times visit to the firm, money was the transfer.

Same situation there in the Philippines, my ill father had to travel multiple times at the Philippines for money transacted, and we got shocked when half of my amount deduct in the name of the transfer fee. The amount that reached home was not enough to meet my family expenditure.

Earning here away from family was not this much difficult as sending money to the Philippines became. I sent money two months this way. On and off I was searching for any other money transfer service, and through ACE Money Transfer, I got to know about Online money transfer service.

I just:

  • Get myself registered on ACE Money Transfer
  • Added my information.
  • Recipient information.
  • Paid through bank deposit.

And received a confirmation message that my money sends to the Philippines and the surprising thing was, I have not visited any firm, just did it by sitting in my office through my Smartphone with internet access. The difference I got by switching the money transfer service is

My family also got a confirmation message, and they went to transact payment without any delay and with zero added transfer fee. Online money transfer service has put my family and me at ease now. Anyone can send money globally using this service.  


From the experience of Joshua, one can easily notice the feasibility and convenience of online money transfer services. You can also send money in Philippines using this service, hence putting yourself and your family at ease.