Online Money Transfer Is Assisting Nigerian Users to Send Money Easily!

Overseas Nigerian are helping to raise their country’s economy by online remittance thus causing the country to stand among the top 10 remittance destination country with an estimated flow of about $10 billion. Online money transfer service has a big hand in this as it is helping the customers to send money to Nigeria in the convenient, reliable, secure and cheapest way to send money.

In this article, you will get to know about:

  • What online money transfer service and through which services it is assisting its customers to send money to Nigeria.
  • Observing the money transfer service by looking at the customer experience.

Online Money Transfer- The Flawless Money Transfer Service:

Online money transfer service is the modern equivalent of wire transfer. It is the combination of old fashioned wire money transfer and new technology electronic fund transfer (EFT). Through online money transfer service, money is transferred to the recipient not in the form of money but the form of coded data and once this data is received by the recipient bank account, it is decoded and deposited as currency.

You have to undergo the following steps to send money to Nigeria online or any other place around the globe.

Firstly, register to an authentic money transfer website such as ACE Money Transfer that is providing its best money transfer services from the past 18 years.

  • Add your information.
  • Write the amount you want to send to Nigeria or any other place of your choice.
  • Add recipient information.
  • Pay for the amount using bank deposits, credit or debit cards.

Online Money Transfer- Assisting Users By Providing Matchless Services:

Online money transfer service provides the following confounding features when it’s time to send money to Nigeria or any other part of the world:

Instant Delivery:

Now money transfer to Nigeria is possible within seconds by sitting anywhere around the globe with the help of online money transfer service and the service provider i.e. ACE Money Transfer. You can send money to Nigeria online in just a few clicks sitting anywhere at any time.

Minimal Or Zero Transfer Fee:

Online money transfer service enables you to send money to Nigeria in minimal or zero transfer fees even on large payments. So stop worrying about the extra withdrawal of your hard-earned money, every time you send money to Nigeria.

Better Exchange Rates:

Authentic money transfer service providers such as ACE Money Transfer offers better exchange rates as compared to other money transfer services and service providers.

Multiple Transfer Methods:

You can now money transfer to Nigeria online using ACE Money Transfer service using different delivery methods such as:

  • Using bank transfer
  • Using credit or debit cards
  • Instant cash pick up

Different Transfer Options:

Money transfer to Nigeria is a one-step solution now with the assistance of online money transfer service as it provides different transfer options on each money transfer.

Convenient And Comfortable Service:

Online money transfer is the most convenient and comfortable among all the money transfer services as you can send money to Nigeria by sitting anywhere, anytime.

Customer Experience:

Abaeze, a Nigerian national, took advantage of online money transfer service to send money to Nigeria at the time of dire emergency when no other transfer service was there to provide the facility of fast remittance.

What he says about the experience to send money online using online money transfer service, let’s listen in his words.

My family and flew to the United Kingdom from Nigeria 5 years ago and settled here. I still am in contact with my friends back in Nigeria. A month ago when I was leaving for office, I got a call from a close friend Abeo in Nigeria asking me an amount of money immediately as her sister got a brain hemorrhage and they have to arrange money within no time for her surgery.

I got so baffled not because I do not have money but because I knew nothing about money transfer to Nigeria. I contacted two to three friends here in the UK but they said using bank service to send money to Nepal will cause two to three weeks for remittance.

One gave me the advice to send money online using online money transfer service through the renowned, fast, secure, reliable and authentic service i.e. online money transfer service using ‘ACE Money Transfer’.

I just went to the ACE Money Transfer website and followed these steps:

  • I signed up and created my account.
  • Given my information.
  • Entered the amount to be sent
  • Given beneficiary information.
  • Paid the amount using a credit card. There were given other options for money transfer to Nigeria such as bank transfer and debit card.

Within minutes I received a confirmation message from the company informing money transfer to Nigeria is done. My friend too received the message for money transactions. As he needed the money in a short time so he goes for instant cash pickup and transacts the money within no time.


So online money transfer using ACE Money Transfer services helped Abeo to get instant money for his sister’s surgery and held him strong in the hour of difficulty. Similarly, this service is helping all its customers in sending money globally in the most convenient, fastest, cheapest, reliable and secure way.