Online Money Transfer – The Channel I Use to Support My Family

online money transfer 

As soon as I completed my bachelors in Civil Engineering, I started my job hunt. There was a lot of competition in the market and despite all my efforts, I was unable to land a suitable job even after struggling for an entire year.

It was surely one of the most stressful experiences for me. I am the elder son of the family and after my father’s demise, I had to take care of the entire family.

One of my friends was aware of my situation and struggles. Therefore, he reached out to me and offered to help me. He was working abroad and there was a job opening at his office. He asked me for my CV and referred me for the job.

Within a month, I had cleared the technical exam and the interview. They sent me the visa and I was on a plane to England. The job was great. The office and staff were really supportive and I loved the overall working environment. The salary and other benefits were also great.

Now that I had settled in and was doing well at my new job, the next challenge that came my way was to find some reliable money transfer services so that I could send money to Nigeria and support my family.

Money Transfer Company Must Fulfil These Parameters


I had to be a hundred percent sure that my hard-earned money will reach my loved ones safely and without any sort of loss or theft.

Timely Transfer

It was very important to ensure that the money I send will reach the destination in time. I did not want my family to be kept waiting for days and weeks to receive the money.


When sending money to my loved ones, I was in search of a channel that was affordable. I worked extremely hard and saved every penny so that my family could lead a peaceful life. It was impossible for me to afford a channel of money transfer that would drill a hole in my pockets.

Easy Process

Life abroad is tough. I worked at the office and upon returning to my residence, I had to cook, clean and take care of other chores. Therefore, I barely had any time left.

I wanted to search for an online money transfer service through which I could wire the money without having to go through a difficult or lengthy process.

Upon searching and doing ample research, I finally realized that online money transfer would be the best way for me to be able to send money to my family members back home.

The process was extremely simple and I could send money at the cost of a few simple clicks. At the same, it was quick and affordable as well. In a nutshell, the option to be able to transfer money online ticked all the boxes and was the most suitable match for me.