Online Money Transfer through Phone

send money over phone

Phones have made lives so much easier. Especially the smartphones because there is nothing that you can’t do using your smartphone, even you want to send money globally. Before of you ever wanted to send money to anywhere in the world you will have to go to a bank or a money transfer company yourself. This is required to make the transfer.

With the passage of time, you can easily make such transfers on your zone with just a few clicks. For this purpose, mobile applications are the smart choice. Most all the online money transfer companies including the ACE Money Transfer have their own websites and even the cellphone apps. They allow you to send money to Nepal and other Asian countries easily through the phone.

Money transfer through phone

Money transfer through the phone was never considered a possibility before but now you can easily make the money transfer anywhere in the world using just your phone. You just have to get an account with that particular money transfer company and that can be done on the phone application software as well. Once done with that you can easily send money from one place to another. Just like if you are working in another country, and want to send money to Pakistan you can easily transfer money through phone.

Send money online

How phone applications are better than websites

Phone applications are better than websites because who has to write the address of that company when you can just send the money by tapping a few times on your phone. With cellphones, you get to transfer money whenever you want but with websites, you will have to go to a browser and then type in the address and then you will be able to access the website. Most of the times these websites are not even user-friendly so you will have to start up your laptop for that purpose. These are even workable for African countries. Like if you want to send money to Gambia, these applications are good to go.

Money transfer Apps

Money transfer apps are not the specific apps but in fact, these are the online money transfer companies that you mostly hear of and these websites have made their own money transfer phone application software which makes it easy for their customers and clients to make the transfer. Those money transfer companies deal with these phone applications as well. Following are some for the online money transfer companies with their own applications

Square Cash

Square cash not only allow you to send money but you can also receive money here and most of all you can ask money from your friends as well and on the completion of the transaction tee key will be added in your bank account. You also will have the security that your money is safe with the Square Cash. You can send money over the phone for anything like even if you have to make payments you should consider companies like this and ACE Money Transfer.


Venmo is one of the best online money transfer services and with their own phone application you can send money to your family or friend and you can also make the payments for things you buy form this application. It is like a social media of online money transfer where you can also see the transactions made by your friends. They have a high-security system which helps keep your finances safe.


Facebook money transfer is something that most of us are not aware of because this feature is available only in the United States of America. You can send money to your friend money transfer online services by the help of this and you can send money online to the Facebook stores you buy stuff from so that part is pretty exciting. You have to protect money transactions with the Facebook money transfer and you can make such transfers when the dollar sign appears on the top of the keyboard.

Western Union

Western Union is found almost all over the world and now you can have it on your phone too in the form of the phone application software. Western Union has fast and reasonable money transfer services which is why people prefer it too much. With these phone applications, you can easily make the money transfer possible as fast as you can and with that, the money transfer will also be made no time to be received by the recipient in the case of emergency. You can send it as the cashback too.

ACE Money Transfer

ACE Money Transfer is another one of the best online money transfer service. With their phone application which can be downloaded on android and IOS as well, you can send money to Bangladesh, Ghana, Gambia and other developing countries. With this money transfer service, you can make the transfer faster and even better because then you will be able to choose how the money reaches the recipient like with ACE Money Transfer. You can easily track your money transfer and you will also receive the SMS and the email once the recipient receives the money.

So these are some of the options available to you and knowing that will help you decide