Online Money Transfer Trends: How People Use Money Transfer Apps?

Just consider yourself in a dining out scenario with your friends, and the bill arrives. Usually, you would split up the bill. Everyone will reach to their most convenient method of paying. Some would pay in cash, and some would toss up their credit or debit cards. But there is a hot trend going on these recent days:

           “Hey!! Let me share you through my mobile wallet.”

People are moving towards mobile payments for the sake of its convenience, simplicity, security and let us admit; there is a swag to it too.

Digital payment platforms, also known as digital wallets or online money transfer apps, are synched to the owner’s credit card/debit card or bank account. This allows them to make transactions from any mobile or smart device with just a few clicks.

The worldwide boom and spread of electronic smart devices and revolution in technology have a direct effect on the remittance and money transfer industry as well. Money is also digitalized now, and it is a lot safer and convenient to transfer in current times.

Whether you want to send money to Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh or anywhere else, here are the biggest reasons why people are shifting towards online money transfer apps and how they are using these?


An extensive number of people have shifted towards digital wallets because of the convenience associated with it. They just need to have a registered account with one of the facilitators of sending money online, and rest will be a few clicks away. They will also have the convenience regarding the status of payment, whether it has reached its desired beneficiary or not.


These methods are a lot more time saving and efficient that actually driving up to a place to pay them in cash or visiting banks or ATM’s to get cash. Just with a few impressions on the screen of your smartphone, you can get your work done and send money online.


These methods have lately gained even more popularity because of security benefits they provide than actually carrying cash or cards with you. There is no chance of losing your money or it being snatched or stolen from you. Even if someone cannot access their smartphone, they can access their wallets from any other device by just logging into their registered accounts.


It is a necessity, more than anything else, especially for expatriates working in other countries who have to send money back to their home. They have to use online money transfer apps to send remittance and finance their families or loved ones in their home country. Moreover, they have a variety of money transfer services to choose from. They can either visit their branches in person with cash or can use their applications which is definitely a safer and convenient way to go.

Exchange Rate:

Exchange rate is a factor that plays a significant role in the total expense that will be incurred on the money transfer. People make sure that the company they choose offers them a competitive exchange rate while transferring money across the borders. This way, they will get the maximum advantage of the money transfer. The exchange rate is a fluctuating factor, and it keeps on changing. Therefore, people must check it just before initiating the money transfer so that they can be aware of the latest exchange rate in the market.

Why Choose ACE Money Transfer?

Since there are a large number of options available to transfer money online, people may often get indecisive about which company to trust.

ACE Money Transfer is one of the reputed company amongst them all. They are working in the market since 2002 and are offering their services in plenty of countries around the world. On top of that, they have plenty of experience in the market. The more than satisfactory customer reviews are a clear indication of the fact that their services are now more credible, commendable and secure than ever. Hence, if you are someone who is looking for a way to transfer money online, ACE Money Transfer is a service to rely on. 

They are offering all the factors that people consider before choosing to send money online. Their app is more convenient to use than any other in the market. It is a lot more secure and efficient to use. You just have to register initially and after that, as it memorizes your credentials. Furthermore, You can even save the details of your preferred beneficiaries for future, and then you’ll just have to click on it to transfer the desired amount.