Overseas Remittances Proved To Be More Resilient Than Other Types Of Capital Flows Into Philippines – defying Covid-19

According to the country’s central bank, send money to Philippines from Filipinos working abroad fell 0.8 per cent to $29.9 billion last year, defying predictions of a steeper decline due to the pandemic. In the first month of 2021, remittances totalled GBP 2.6 billion, down 1.7 per cent year over year and faster than December’s 0.4 per cent fall. Remittances totalled GBP 29.9 billion in January, remaining steady for the fourth month in a row.

COVID-19 caused global financial systems to freeze in March and April 2020, halting capital flows worldwide, but especially in emerging markets. There was particular concern that countries that depend on remittances from abroad, such as the money transfer to Philippines, will see a sudden and prolonged decline in such flows from their people employed in other countries. This would have been catastrophic for their economies and currencies, cutting off a much-needed influx of cash during a global economic recession and possibly contributing to a balance-of-payments crisis.

Do Online Money Transfer Services Charge Same Fee For International Money Transfers?

The country has several banks. Should they all have the same savings account interest rate? Is there a discount on similar goods in any e-commerce app? Isn’t that correct? Banks and money transfer agencies, on the other hand, deliver a variety of prices. That is why we recommend that people compare prices.

Traditional banks charge up to 6.5 per cent interest, but we charge 1 per cent. It’s always a good idea to shop around and compare different service providers and banks to find the best deal. Online money transfer services like ACE money transfer offer fee-free online money transfer to Philippines with a high exchange rate.

How Online Money Transfer Is Quick And Offer Instant Verifications Of Transactions?

When you make an offline transaction like through a high street bank in the UK, you must either wait for the bank to confirm the money transfer or visit the bank to update your transaction to appear on all platforms.

When you create your business account via an online money transfer service, the payment or transaction reflects instantly, making the process even more convenient. With ACE Money Transfer, sending money to Philippines online is straightforward for your Peace of mind.