A black market is named as the shadow market of the economy. The black market runs different illegal activities to earn money. These informal activities are mostly criminal activities involving violation of basic human rights. BLACK MARKET The black market has been damaging the economy in many ways and it will […]



Monetary policy is composed of the certain mechanism of bringing changes to the money supply by the act of drafting, announcing, and implementing the decisions taken by the central bank, currency board, or other authorities involved. These institutions also have the authority to control the channels through which the money enters the […]



The financial sector is an important field of the economy that includes firms and institutions that provide financial services to commercial and retail customers. This sector is composed of a vast range of industries. Institutions like banks, investment companies, insurance companies, and real estate firms come under the umbrella of the […]


how bitcoin works

Don’t fool yourself by believing that bitcoin is the currency that you normally have in your pocket. Bitcoin is a wholly digital system composed of a set of protocols and processes. It is known as the most successful one among plenty of attempts people did to develop virtual currency by using […]

Improving ways to Transfer Money

ways to transfer money

Improving the ways to transfer money is important because with the online money transfer system people with their lack of experience make huge mistakes which they later have to regret and face the money loss as well. Using the online money transfer system, first of all, you should be able to […]

Saving Money on the Online Transfer

online transfer

Online transfer is the better and the cheaper service than the other money transfer methods and with a lot of the online money transfer companies, you can easily choose the one with the better services and fewer charges. Saving Money on the Online Transfer International money transfer is so common these […]

Receive Money on Low Exchange Rates

low exchange rates

When you receive money through online money transfer system you get the whole money of the sender have already paid the exchange rates or in some cases, it’s your money from which a small amount is taken off as charges. Receive Money on Low Exchange Rates When it occurs the companies […]

Saving some on Money Transfer Charges

Money Transfer Charges

Money transfer chargers are usually a lot and with the online money transfer, you get to have a lot of the facilities which makes you overlook the charges that come along with it. Saving some on Money Transfer Charges But sometimes the companies also charge you more than they care to […]

Which Have Largest Black Money?

Black money is a problem that is weakening many of the world economies in the present times. Powerful, rich and corrupt people make money by illegal means and send it out of the country using illegal methods so that it becomes difficult for law authorities to trace the black money. Which […]

Black Money a Threat to Money Transferring companies

Black money is nowadays a great threat to financial institutions including banks and money transfer services. Money transferring services help black money holders to transfer money intentionally as well as unintentionally. But in a case when the activity is beyond the knowledge of the money transferring company, then it is obviously […]

What is the impact of black money on economy?

Black money is usually associated with illegal money in the economy. This money is earned by criminals through different illegal activities like terrorism, tax evasion, theft, etc. Black money exists with the real economy but it is unreported and unofficial. It runs a dual economy with the official economy. The interaction […]

FAQs about Online Money Transfer

Since technology has become so much common this world has become a global village. Even people are travelling to the different parts of the world for immigration, studies or jobs. FAQs about Online Money Transfer So due to so many people travelling around the world, there has been an ever-increasing demand […]


Today, the serious crime of money laundering is performed in every country with different forms of operations involving criminal activity and other illegal activities. Majorly, countries having problems related to policymaking and law implementation, experience plenty of money laundering cases and social instability as well. The list mostly comes under the […]