Pay Utility Bills in Pakistan from Any Of The Sending Country

pay utility bills in Pakistan

Everyone must have wondered at some point in our life “What gives us the most power?’. In the list of answers to this most common yet strange question, you must have listed down these two ingredients: Magic Being able to do anything at your fingertips.

This is what we love the most about modern times and astonishing technological developments. They have given us the power to access any treasure of knowledge and do whatever we want at our fingertips, and this is what we call Magic. 

We won’t be getting into miracles you could do while easing in your couch, enjoying your snack and by just logging into some smart device but we will tell you how can you get rid of your daily hassles. From buying daily grocery items to paying your bills online, science truly has given us the power to do magic at our fingertips (Well…! Quite Literally)


As easy as ABRA Ca’DABRA, you can transfer your balances or pay your utility bills in Pakistan from anywhere in the world. You just need the following ingredients

  • An electronic/smart device to access world wide web
  • Internet accessibility
  • Your account/credit card/debit card details

An added catalyst to ease you paying your bills…?? Your registered account with ACE MONEY TRANSFER.

How to pay bills with ACE Money Transfer?

Log in to your ACE Money Transfer online account via the official app or its web page. Get yourself registered if you haven’t yet. You will be required to your active email address, password and your current phone number. You can also register yourself through your active Facebook or Twitter account. Putting in the required details will let you create your online account with ACE. Just log into your account, and it will land you on the main page where you can select the option of “Bill Payment.”

Course of Action

  • Select the “Payout Partner” based upon your utility service provider. The exchange rate is added further for your assistance.
  • Fill in for the “Consumer ID” as provided by the supplier on the utility bill. This mention on the utility bill.
  • Type your “Consumer Nick Name”
  • Click on the “Bill Validate” button.
  • Once the details get validated, the amount to be paid will show up.
  • Just click on the button, and you’re good to go.

Why ACE Money Transfer?

From Anywhere to Pakistan

Regardless of wherever you are, you can take care of your beloveds back in Pakistan. Aside from sending money to Pakistan to take care of your loved ones, you can pay your utility bills from anywhere from all of our sending countries within a few clicks at your fingertips.

Rate Calculation

You won’t face any hassle in calculating the amount you have to pay or the conversion from your relevant currency to PKR. The details regarding your billing amount are already calculated and shown. On top of that, there’s no transfer fee as well.


Care and Trust form the formidable base for any relation, be it personal or official. 24/7 availability of our matchless and exuberant customer and aftersale services makes it easier for you to choose ACE Money Transfer.

Trust and Security

The complete confidentiality of records, customer data including identity documents, as per the contemporary GDPR guidelines. Having more than 1 million happy customers from all around the world and over 275 thousand payout locations stand for the trust that our customers have out in us. You can have the privilege to be a part of this prestige family and enjoy our amazing services.


If you want to pay your utility bills online in Pakistan on the go with a trusted payout partner, then ACE Money Transfer is the right way to go about it. You can pay your bills from any country with its second to none customer help care and trustworthy services.