Popular Methods for Online Money Transfer

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In the year 2013 World Bank reported that almost $414 billion have been transferred by the people worldwide who live abroad for several purposes. All those people who have to send money back use different money transfer services like ACE Money Transfer. The transfer of money is not much difficult nowadays with the available options which one can get. No matter you are looking to send money to Nigeria or other African countries, online transfer is a good choice.

Best ways to send money are discussed below:

Google Wallet Service

One of the best platform and search engine has also devised a solution for money transfer. If you are a user of Gmail then easily you can send money by using the Google Wallet service. Google allows users to send money online. You can easily put your credit card, debit card into your Google wallet and with the help of this wallet efficient delivery of money is also possible. It will give someone access to transferring the money anywhere without the time frame. The cash sent through Google is also secure and one can feel relaxed while sending money with Google Wallet.

Skrill Service

Skrill has become the fastest growing platform for sending money. Skrill is secure and faster as well. The options like instant withdrawals make the Skrill as the best service. It has become a great rival to PayPal. Moreover with Skrill one has a relief to send money in almost 40 currencies. This is the value-added service of the skrill. With skrill one has to open the website has to be a debited accounted and here it goes. That is how money can be sent with skrill services. If someone refers to the services of the skrill to any of his friends then the company allows him/her to get 10% commission on his money transactions. The time period for that promotional package is about a year. This is what makes the skrill a fastest-growing service.

2checkout service:

This is a great service that is working online and entertaining customer needs efficiently. Customers can rely on this service as they have a well-established security protection system. They have the anti-theft system available for many users and that is what makes the service faster and secure. They are available in 87 different languages which make them user-friendly. Worldwide users can use the service in their own service. Moreover, the delivery time is also faster and secure for them. For a user that holds the credit card, debit using this service is feasible because in combination with cards he/she can debit their account and sending money is easier. The person who has to collect money can use different options to receive depending on the most suitable available options to his destination.

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Apple Payment

Apple pay is also a growing and marvelous service that someone can get for sending the money. Unlike all other service, Apple is the service which is really marvelous and secure. The level of security is far better than any of the other service. Apple allows the users to send money with the help of their touch ID. While making payments or doing shopping all have to do this. Moreover, if someone is a shopkeeper or else someone is a general user so both of them can use the apple payment. So, it is designed for all type of users by keeping in view their different needs. A value-added thing is that Apple is going to be organized an option in their iMessage which will allow the money transfer with the help of their text service. That is how Apple is working on making changes for the world’s growing advancements.

Stripe service:

A service which is making drastic changes in the stream of sending money. With the help of stripe, the users are able to send wherever and whenever they want. Sending money was never much easier with stripe service. If someone wants to send money to a marketplace or else to general terms so stripe can support such services. That is how sending money is really helpful and secure as well. For the users to make it easier they can easily recharge their stripe account. One of the factors which make the service ambiguous and users rely on a lesson is that they can deduct some amount which is hidden. This is a drawback of this service. Otherwise, all other services are good and reliable. It is also best for all the companies that are registered or new to the world.

Payoneer Service

The service which is growing with fewer deductions is the Payoneer service. It works in many countries of the world as it has a hit list of about 200 countries on its panel. Moreover, the currency models are also finest as the support covers almost 150 currency options. One can easily send money to Bangladesh, Pakistan and other countries as well. Payoneer service is reliable and secure. The payments which are deducted are very less and such countries are also covered which are not supported by many other services. Moreover, security is almost 100% with Payoneer, as the company is growing worldwide and famous as well. For sure if you are not habitual of sending and receiving money online and you want to hold a card so you can also order for a Payoneer card. This card will allow you to use it whenever and wherever you want. In addition to that, a great thing is that one can withdraw money without paying the taxes and deductions from the company side. The base region taxes can be applied still but from the company it is free.

ACE Money Transfer

If you are not feeling well with online money transfer so you can adopt physical service of money transfer. You can send money to Pakistan and a large number of other countries with ACE Money Transfer. They are also attached to many banks that are helping customers to access the money which is transferred. Their markup rate is also not much like many other services and one find their service really affordable. Moreover, they are also secure and they make transactions in just a few seconds. That is what makes them the growing company.