What were the reasons behind Brexit?

Brexit has undoubtedly created unrest in the economy and politics of the UK and EU. Challenges are rising. This referendum is not going to be an easy one because it is demanding a breakdown of one significant part of the EU. UK has a crucial role in the whole EU. Brexit can abolish the very long union solidarity between the UK and EU and not only this, but other EU nations can also suffer the consequences related to its economy. So, if the consequences are so much scary, what are the reasons behind Brexit?

  • The dysfunctional economic activity of the EU forced about 52% of people to vote for the referendum. EU is failing to address the economic problems which are rising since 2008. One example is 20% unemployment rate in southern Europe.
  • The most common argument found among the critiques of the EU is that the European Union is threatening the sovereignty of the UK. Over the past few decades, the EU is overriding national laws like competition policy, agriculture and copyright.
  • The supporters of Brexit argue that some laws by EU like you cannot recycle a teabag, a child under 8 cannot blow up balloons are simply meaningless and also EU’s regulations cost the economy of UK.
  • The UK has increasingly experienced the impact of immigration since the financial crisis of 2008.EU’s law guarantees that citizens can travel and do jobs in all member states which the UK is not ready to bear. They simply want to reduce the amount of immigration.

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