Reasons to choose ACE Money Transfer for sending money to nepal

After living in Nepal, you may be moved overseas. Before moving to countries like the UK & Europe, You might not have an idea about money exchange but once you get there. You know that banks could give you the worst exchange rates. Therefore you should choose ACE Money Transfer Services to send money to Nepal

ACE Money Transfer specialised in Money Transfer Services, they know what are they doing. ACE has a fully secured system in please you can trust them with your money. Here are some of the critical features of ACE Money Transfer services:

Secure Transfer

When sending money to your loved ones, security could be the problem, you might think. But believe me, they are professional and do money transfer to Nepal in the most secure way possible.

Fast Money Transfer

Sometime your family member may need it on an urgent basis. You can choose ACE because it delivers money in 1 to 2 business days if you transfer it into a bank account.

Easy to use

Some website has a complicated navigational system on there websites and apps, but that won’t be a problem with ACE because they keep the user in mind to give a better user experience. You can transfer money to Nepal from UK within few easy steps.

Payment methods

You can pay by credit card / debit card, and the person in Nepal can receive the money in the bank account, mobile wallet, and through mobile top-up.