Remittances Keep On Flowing Despite COVID-19 Pandemic

Life, in its reality, is so tightly connected to the basic elements of nature. Isn’t it?

Let me help you think like that as well.

When you see the basic elements of nature that are Earth, Water, Fire and Air, there is a certain flow about them. A consistency in keep on going about their journey and reaching the destination they are meant to.

You take water, for example, let it slide on a surface and put a barrier in its path. What does it do? It just simply adjusts in its shape, maybe bend around the barrier put in its way but it keeps on going until it reaches a dead end. Just like that, the air has a flow about it. If it stops the life would stop. The Earth keeps on revolving on and around its designated path.


Now bring this analogy to LIFE…. No pun intended…!! When you look around, you will see it keeps on going and growing with every passing moment. Everyone is hustling to make their lives better, to earn a little more, maybe grow a little more as a person, achieve one more mini-milestone in our life goals or mark-off one more task from our wish list. One pandemic, though it halted our lives pretty drastically, maybe made our paths bend a little around the barrier it out in front of us, maybe made us to go around it or maybe even go along with it, but as “Queen” sang in the 90s “The Show Must Go On”. The Novel Corona Virus’s worldwide outburst, IT JUST CANNOT FORCE THE LIFE TO STOP.

Analogically, the remittance industry hadn’t stopped because of this infamous COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, in the times of economic recession, people back home waiting for their beloved expatriates’ family members needed support and money more than ever.

The lockdowns, no source of earning money or work, social distancing saw many people go jobless, mainly the people who had physical work to do or labour jobs but is shifted the trends at the same time as well. Companies adopted the Work from Home Model a new and the safest way to ensure social distancing, Similarly, the money transfer industry was also affected. It suffered a blow in remittance through designated branches or agents and banks but then can Online Money Transfer methods to the aid.

Sending money to Pakistan through different ways was already a common trend. People often transfer money digitally to aid their families, friends, even neighbours back in their home country and also helped governments to raise fund to help and fight COVID-19 Pandemic. One best example was observed in Pakistan where Pakistani expatriates from all around the globe poured in with financial help and donations to the “Prime Minister COVID Relief Fund Pakistan”. All this was possible because of the most trustable and secure options available in online money transfer industry.

So after one bumpy steep decline in the curve of remittance industry it has observed a health and steady decline in its curve. The amounts have started to flow in. People are working and earning from home and are helping their loved ones back in their home country. In fact, a detailed research study titled Global Digital Remittance Market 2020 by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application; Forecast to 2024 was recently published by They have predicted that Global Digital Remittance Market Expects to See Significant Growth During 2020-2024. Proving again that life won’t stop due to one blow.

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ACE Money Transfer has developed a user-friendly mobile app which enables you to regulate international payments in a few seconds only! It helps you ensure social distancing, the lockdown and SOPs issued by the local governing bodies to ensure your safety from COVID-19 pandemic.

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