Send Money Online – Importance of Front-End and Back-end Technology for Online Money Transfers

send money online to Nigeria

Online money transfers are one of the most widely accepted technology upgrades, around the world. People don’t have to spend their valuable time physically visiting the bank or MTO’s payout location for a money transfer to Nigeria and vice versa. In 2018, a total of 689$ were sent internationally and online transfers have played an important role in increasing this ratio, year by year. But, there is a multitude of factors involved in keeping up with your online system and most important is maintaining with technology, because it is the basis for your online transaction system.

Do you know how an online money transfer to Nigeria or another country through a remittance company works? Here we are going to share the secret behind the money transfer mechanism.

What is the Front-End Technology in Money Transfers?

This is the part that is exposed to the customer and is acting as a face for your company. It involves your software, your company policy, the transaction process, storage of customer’s information etc. It is extremely important to keep your front-end technology updated because it’s your basic link with the customer. For Instance, if your software is way too difficult for a layman, then he may simply switch to another platform. It’s an integral part of a successful organization to make their front-end technology after keeping customers’ needs and demands into consideration.

What is the Back-End Technology in Money Transfers?

This is your backstage performance, in simple words. Your internal system, security firewalls, maintenance teams, codings and software development, all of these things are included in the back-end technology. If your first-end technology is very fascinating, it may bring a customer for the first time, but it’s the back-end technology which decides that will the customer retain or not. For Instance, Expired Transactions are an example of under-developed back-end technology. If the customer has to face late transactions, expired transactions or delayed notifications, then he will surely decide not to repeat the mistake of choosing a specific provider.

Importance of Efficient Money Transfer Companies

There are many money transfer companies that have made reliable signs of progress in maintaining their technologies. The increased competition in the market has compelled organisations to do their best. They know that if they will not do enough effort to make their space, someone else will fill them in, within the blink of an eye. ACE Money Transfer is also one of them. On the front-end, their software is extremely user-friendly. You can send money to Nigeria online in three simple steps only.

  1. Enter the Amount (that you want to send) & the country (of the recipient)
  2. Enter the details of the recipient
  3. Your payment will be sent! You can also track your shipment by going on their website.

Now, if we look at the back-end, their security system is extremely reliable. There are negligible chances for delayed payments or security loopholes. Their immediate transfers can help to send money to Nigeria or any other country, within seconds only! The push-notification system is also integrated with the payments, for the feasibility of customers.