Send Money Online to Your Loved Ones in Bangladesh Smartly

send money online to Bangladesh

Family and friends are most important for an expat, but sending them money each month is more important to fulfil their basic needs like food, health and education of children. When expats send money to Bangladesh it is always preferred to consider online methods. You can almost send it anywhere in Bangladesh – Bogra, Chittagong, Dhaka, or anywhere in between.

Types of Payments Done Through Internet

E payment typeService providerExample
Electronic funds transfer (eft)Money Transfer Company/BankOnline transfer to Family or staff  salaries
Debit or pre-paid cardBank, Third-party card providerTo disperse funds

Online services allow the user to send money to Bangladesh online within a couple of seconds and a few clicks. It is one of the easiest and approachable ways to send money.

Method of Operating Online Account:

Following are methods of how to send money through these money transfer services.

You need to pick a provider of your own choice for example PayPal and create your ID, provide your information such as your recipient’s name, address and contact details and you might have to put some info about their Bangladeshi account too.

You should pick the amount you want to send. Yet if you don’t know the currency exchange rate. There must be a calculator given below to exchange your Pakistani rupee for Bangladeshi taka. (Keeping in mind that the currency exchange rates are always changing). Lastly, complete your transaction by pressing transfer money on your screen you will be able to send money to your loved ones in Bangladesh. This way it can be a plus point for many people. Money transfer to Bangladesh is easy because of efficient, fast, and economical online money transfer services.

Benefits Being Provided

  • An online account is the fastest, simpler and easier to operate
  • It is convenient as you can transfer money from account to account despite seeing the time and area.
  • Just as in banks you have to wait for a longer period of time for your turn to finally transfer your amount, you’ll not have to go through this hassle while doing it online.
  • You can always make sure that your transactions are safe and satisfying towards you.
  • You can always take help from experts in the case of any fraudulent activity being committed to being on the safe side.

Be Cautious While Picking Your Money

Keep your money hidden. Avoid any questionable parts of town. Deposit the cash you pick up into your bank account as soon as possible. Bring a friend along to provide an extra set of eyes, especially if you’re picking up a sizable amount of takas.


Online money transfer to Bangladesh or another country is perceived as important and the use of these services is associated with the socio-economic and demographic characteristics of the respondents. Though, most of the customers prefer e-payments due to many benefits, such as time-saving. The customers also use e-banking/internet banking and adoption of e-banking and internet banking services. Still, senders often prefer online money transfer companies due to the fast and easier approach.