Send money online

Send money online

Today the world is full of opportunities. Send money online is one of the best ways to transfer money anywhere at any time. One can easily transfer money to their friends and family without wasting any time. The speed of the transaction is the most valuable reason for sending money online. Many companies are providing services for their customers. Banks are playing their part in sending money online. You can send money with the peace of mind by using online services. Online money transfer is a key factor of all the major countries. Many companies are utilizing their resource to create opportunities in the market to send money globally. They are adopting technological trends to attract users.

A study by the World Bank

According to the revision of the World Bank based on the online transaction shows the remittance flow in the middle-income countries reached to be $529 billion in 2018. An increase of 9.6 is recorded near to $483 billion in 2017. In 2019 remittance flowing to middle-income countries are expected to be $550 billion which is the largest source of external financing. Keeping the statics of online transaction by the World Bank. Transferwise provides many popular routes to deliver you cash globally.

Send Money to Nigeria Safely

Nigeria is focusing on utilizing their resource to provide its people with the best online money transfer services. Many companies are increasing their network to capture the market. Smart ways are introduced to send money globally from Nigeria. You can easily use your credit or debit cards for safe and secured online money transaction. Over 15 million Nigerians living outside of Nigeria really needs an easy inexpensive method to send naira back to their home. Around $20 billion money is sent to Nigeria each year. By using a lower-cost provider, the Nigerians can save up to $1 billion collectively.

Factors that Affect the Nigerian Money Exchange Rate

Whenever you want to send money online, one should keep the basic factors related to the money exchange. Nigerian money exchange is a constant concern. The currency exchange rate is kept on changing whether you‘re sending dollars or euros.


The value of money decreases as the inflation rate increase in any country. Nigeria is somehow going through the high inflation rate which can depress the value of the naira. It is in your possibility that you are sending another currency to Nigeria.


As investor plays an important role in the exchange rates, speculation depends on it. When investors see that Nigerian currency is undervalued condition, they start buying, “naira” in the hope that sell it soon at a higher rate. This kind of speculation causes the exchange rate to go up and down.


   Supply and Demand

Supply, and Demand Exchange rate is dependent upon the supply and demand of a country’s currency. When the Government of the country takes a step to sell off a country’s currency, it will increase the supply of that currency. This will decrease the value of money. If the demand for specific currency increase, then the value increases so sharply. How to send money

Online to Nigeria. It is not a matter of big deal to send money online to Nigeria. Anyone can exchange the money by using online money transfer method. ·

How to send money online to Nigeria

It is not a matter of big deal to send money online to Nigeria. Anyone can exchange the money by using online money transfer method.

  • Select the service of sending online money that is more reliable for the transaction. You can also use your bank account. Apps are present through which you can easily log in to send the money.
  • Tell the provider where you want to send the money.
  • Tell you to want to pay with your debit card or ACH and provide the details.


Top Best Services to Use for Sending money to Nigeria.

Western Union

Western Union Send money to Nigeria is a big deal that is easily done by using, “Western Union” service. It is convenient to send your money to the respective person. You have many options to explore while sending your money to Nigeria through Western Union. Simply pay with a credit card, by using a debit card and directly through your bank account via Apple Pay. You can also send money by using cash at the agent location. Your loved ones can withdraw the money at more than 5,000 locations across Nigeria. WU app makes your work faster and saves your time.


RIA is the faster online money transfer service, especially for Nigeria. Their rates are affordable. You can easily check prices. They have more than 30 years of experience in the industry. All users can easily get updates related to their money transaction. You can easily make your account with RIA by just using their site. The safe and reliable transfer is their key objective.


Xoom has hundreds of local banks cash agents and partner locations where you can easily pick up the cash in Nigeria. They provide the direct deposit offers to all major banks including GT Bank, First Bank of Nigeria and Zenith bank.

Small world

Best options are provided by the Small World in the online market. Send money bank deposits, pick up from any location any time and tracking the customer order factors make them lead. No extra charges for the beneficiary. You can use your online bank accounts like First Bank, Zenith Bank and UBA. They are trusted, along with good value for their customers, secure, fast, equipped with high tech platform technology, and last but the least having great customer services. Azimo (Under 30 minute’s delivery)

Azimo (Under 30 minutes delivery)

Azimo is introduced in the world of online money transfer to Nigeria having the top quality of just 30 minutes delivery. More than Five years of services for sending the money online for Nigeria. Best rates and low charges are their key product. Any bank in Nigeria is providing the service. Delivery timings are under 3o minutes. You can easily track your monetary transaction with the instant status updates.



Enjoy your online money sending world by using MoneyGram service. Millions of customers are using this service to send money online to Nigeria. It has many-dimensional sending and receiving options. Your loved ones can easily pick up the money from the agent location in Nigeria. They have a wide receiving network. Always try to check the MoneyGram cost estimator to find the great exchange rates and fees.

Ace Money Transfer Service

Ace Money Transfer Service Ace money transfer offer its services to the level of distinctive exposure. Now sending money is hustle-free. They provide you with the optimal exchange rates. They have great networking of sending money online. Covering almost 140 banks all over the world and 100,000 payout locations. All the money sending details are secured. There are no hidden fee charges Why to choose Ace money Transfer Sometimes you are hastened to transfer money online to your loved ones. Ace money transfer has the best transaction time. It is the cheapest way to send money online.

Nigeria is making its online money sending network to be the fastest-growing and cheapest one for their people. Now anyone can send money from any country like US, UK, Italy, and other countries. Smart alert services are provided to send money home.