Send Money Through Bancontact from Belgium to Any Country in the World

Bancontact money transfer

Diversity is the key to success these days. Be it the example of England’s Cricket Worldcup winning squad last year or Belgium’s outstanding unit at FIFA’s Football World Cup. We can take many examples of diversity proving to the key to success in many options of life. It can be the inclusion of expatriates in modern Company’s workforce or the introduction of latest working and employing models, work from home, during days of COVID pandemic.

The beauty of diversity is that it is beneficial for both of the parties at hand. To one party, it allows the freedom, relaxation of mind and flexibility whereas to the other party it supplies immense satisfaction of having a backup of sorts. Ultimately, it leaves you with options to choose from.

Just like any other walk of life, diversity has put people at ease in the remittance industry as well. It provides people with the power to choose from more options, more and secure ways to transfer money online and worldwide. It supplements them with the power to choose from the companies, which is providing its customers with the best rates to send money online.

With every passing day, ACE Money Transfer is gaining immense popularity. Whether you want to send money to Pakistan or any other country, it has always put the ease, comfort and convenience of its customers at top tier priority. It always strives to provide the best rates and more options to send money online worldwide to provide more to choose from to its prestige present and potential customers.


ACE Money Transfer is linked with Bancontact in Belgium, and it is a much reliable and quicker method of transferring money from Belgium to any part of the world. No doubt it is the fastest way to send money anywhere, anytime across the globe. We all work within a global in different countries, accessing products and services from anywhere in the world, so anyone needs to offer a convenient and secure way to accept payment.



Now, you can send money from Belgium to anywhere in the world with ACE Money Transfer linked with Bancontact. Here’s how you can do this in quick simple steps:


  1. Login to ACE Money Transfer’s website or mobile app by mentioning your registered credentials. 
  2. Please register yourself, if you have not signed up yet, be filling in the valid registration details as the portal guides you.
  3. After login, please select the option of your convenience from the cash or bank.
  4. Enter the amount you would like to transfer. The rate calculator will inform you of the amount in local currency as well.
  5. Enter a valid beneficiary and its relevant required details or choose from the list of beneficiaries, if you’ve already done business with ACE earlier.
  6. Fill in for the required bank account details if you have chosen to operate with the “Bank” option. Please re-read the details you have put in to ensure the accurate details and avoid inconvenience in future.
  7. After validation, you will be required to choose from multiple options, of your convenience for sure. Select Bancontact out of credit card, debit card and other options available if you wish to send money via Bancontact.
  8. Click on the green button of “Confirm & Send” at the bottom of the page


Money Transfer Services

Through Bancontact you can transfer money online from Belgium to different other countries like Austria, Brazil, Denmark, Morocco, Nigeria, Italy, Malta, Senegal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and other countries. Undoubtedly, it has made our lives so much easier. 

The main things to consider when you are looking for an online money transfer platform are where and to whom you’re sending the money. The biggest pitfalls for money transfers tend to be fees and customer service. 

Money Transfer Fee & Charges

 Don’t worry about our transfer fee, as we charge very less transfer fee. ACE Money Transfer, linked with Bancontact provides the best services for all our customers who live in Belgium. We never charge any hidden and send your money on time. Because of the lower fees, you will have complete peace of mind. Our exchange rates are high; you can check anytime on our platform.

Bancontact Services & Transfer Time

Our online money transfer time is different in multiple processes. If you send money with the method of cash-pickup, your payment will be transferred within minutes. On the other hand, if you want to transfer money online from your bank account to the receiver’s bank account, it will transfer your funds instantly, and you will receive a confirmation message through Email or Text Message.

Online money transfer service is entirely secure. You can transfer your funds anytime through our online money transfer app and send your money while staying at home or office. Follow us on social media platforms. We provide the best offers in your country. You take advantage of using these offers and get fantastic and expensive gifts from ACE Money Transfer. If you face any time type of issue, and get any information about our services, get in touch with us.