Send money through Facebook – Easy payments through a familiar system

Sending money online has become easier with the upcoming and advanced technology. Now, you can transfer money in the shortest possible time. With the online system, you can easily send money through ACE Money Transfer Facebook chat option. Moreover, the ‘Track Transfer’ option in the chat box gives you the facility to track your transaction within seconds. This means, you can easily send money through Facebook, and there is no need to visit your bank or any money transfer agency for that purpose.

Send money Facebook

With the money transfer system, you don’t need to worry about the currency exchange while making the international money transfer. There are a lot of online money transfer companies that allow you to send money all over the world like ACE Money Transfer.

Send money through Facebook

Process of Facebook payment through ACE Money Transfer

ACE Money Transfer is a reputed Money Transfer company that aims to send money online within a shortest possible time. The simple steps are given below for your convenience:

  1. Log on to your Facebook id, and then open the page of ACE Money Transfer
  2. Go to the chat icon, and type ‘hi’ to get the message given below:

Hi ‘XYZ’, Let’s get started. What would you like to do today?

Send Some Money

Track Transfer

View Exchange Rates

3. Click on ‘Send Some Money’, and it will give you three options, i.e., Login, Sign Up, Chat with Agent.

If you are already registered, click on Log in; otherwise choose the option of sign up to fill the registration form. In case you have some query or question to ask, you can choose the option of ‘Chat with Agent’.

Facebook Money transfer – A convenience for users

Facebook provides the facility of money transfer service for the users worldwide. This makes the online money transfer even easier by using your credit or debit card. Now you will be able to send money online through your Facebook messenger without any inconvenience.