Send Money to Gambia Quickly with The Globally Used Way

Gambia is a country in West Africa that does not receive many remittances every year; that is why there are not very much active processes to send money to Gambia. In 2018, personal remittances received that World Bank staff estimates based on IMF balance of payments data. It is 203,603,173 in current USD also the yearly graph is not stably increasing.

Also, Gambia is considered as a low or middle-income country that is why most of the people in the Gambia try to go abroad and earn a livelihood. Do you save enough saving that you want to send money to your loved ones? Are you searching for the best and active money transfer service? ACE Money Transfer is here for your help that is trusted worldwide. What are those features that attract people to send money? Let’s have a look at them.

Low Fee:

The main desire is pumping in any the Gambian migrant to send money in the flat cost. Because few of services that are providing services in the Gambia does not offer a lower price to send money. But they provide you to send money without any hidden fee or additional charges.

High Exchange Rate:

For money transfer to Gambia, the high exchange rate must be the prior consideration. Because it ensures that your cash will be converted to other currency at a high price which results in your recipient will get more of your sent money. You must have attracted to the money transfer services that offer high exchange rate after reading this. It provides you to send money in the low fee and the highest exchange rate.

Transaction Option and Payment:

After reading these fantastic features, you can’t wait to send money online through ACE Money Transfer. Let’s move forward and have a look at their transaction option and payment options.

Instant Cash Pickup:

  • Money can be sent to the Gambia within a short time.
  • Your recipient is required to visit the nearest pay-out location to get the money on the spot.
  • You can send money to any part of the Gambia through this money transfer service.

Payment options:

There can be circumstances that do not let you pay through one option. Then there is need to have more than one option to pay for your Transaction. It offers you to pay through multiple options.

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Online Bank Transfer

Create Your Transaction in a Fewer Steps to Send Money to Gambia

  • Create an account or register
  • Choose Destination Country means your recipient country
  • From the Pay-out calculator, select pay-out option, i.e. Cash pick-up
  • Preferred Pay-out Partner nearly present to your recipient
  • Enter the amount you want to send
  • Enter Recipient Info
  • Choose Payment Method (e.g. Debit Card, Credit Card or Online Bank Transfer)
  • Confirm the details, and you are ready to send money

Track Your Transfer

Are you one of them that got conscious about the Transaction they have created? Then this Money Transfer has a solution for you. Instantly after making a transaction, you receive an email that includes some information about a Transaction. It also contains a transaction code that helps you in tracking your Transaction.

You only need to go to their web portal or money transfer app and insert your transaction code on a given place. You will instantly know the status of your Transaction.

Security Perspective:

Many people hesitate to enter their information online; they think it is vulnerable to do so. But if you select a professional money transfer service that is trusted worldwide, it is surely the best option for you.

ACE Money Transfer respects the customer data as their own. That is why they have deployed the best security protocols or programs to protect customer data, privacy and money.