Send Money to Ghana with 100% Discount for 15 Days

send money to Ghana

ACE Money Transfer celebrating the 63rd Independence day of Ghana on 6th March 2020 and announced an exciting offer to send money to Ghana without any transfer fee. ACE Money Transfer gives the 100% discount on all transactions for Ghana on Independence Day for 15 days towards 5th march 2020. Ghana is one of the top remittance receivers, around the world. A large number of migrants work in other countries, due to a multitude of factors including high poverty rate, currency devaluation and under-developed economy. It is not wrong to say that remittances play an integral role in the economic development and stability of Ghana.

Initially, most of the people used to do money transfer to Ghana through money transfer services. ACE Money Transfer sending your payments safely to your loved ones is the top-most concern of any migrant. Thereby, here are some methods that will help you in accessing secure.

Send Money Online

You can send money online by Debit/Credit card or bank account, whatever seems feasible. Other than that, you can get optimised exchange rates and multiple payments receiving options. The fee and policies differ from company to company, ACE Money Transfer provides you with the fast and secure way for all transactions, and we don’t charge any transfer fee for two weeks because of the Independence Day.

You can transfer your funds anytime through our ACE Money Transfer App and website platform without any transfer fee. This offer is not for just one day; this offer is available for 15 days towards 5th march 2020. Money transfer company gives you the best offer for all Ghana peoples who live in other countries and never miss this offer and take benefit of 100% discount free transfers.

Also send money to other countries like Ghana, India, Nepal, Philippines & Uganda.

Money Transfer Options

You have multiple options to transfer money to Ghana directly in the mobile wallet, instant cash pickup or direct bank account transfer through website or money transfer mobile app. Through mobile wallet you can pay your utility bills, online payments, pay your children’s school fee and other taxes while staying abroad. You may send credit to your loved ones through mobile wallet.

We announced different offers from time to time, and you can stay in touch with us and follow us on our social media accounts to get notified about our new offers. In this offer, you can send money without any transfer fee, as you can check our best online money transfer services. If you send money globally in the process of cash, within a few hours your funds will be transferred in one country to another country. Through our mobile app, you can check the best possible highest exchange rates daily.

Zero Transfer Fee (100% Discount)

If you send money directly in bank account through our online money transfer app, within a few minutes, your funds will be transferred directly in the bank account with zero transfer fee. In the process of online money transfer, you can also send money through our website directly in the mobile wallet.

You must create your account on our ACE Money Transfer web portal and enjoy our money transfer services without any transfer fee. Your payment is secure if you face any problem in the process of your transaction, inform us through call or email. We are 24 hours available for sorting out your issues.