Send Money to Ghana With no Fee and High Exchange Rate!

Remittance to sub-Saharan Africa grew at least 10% that has a significant share in GDP. Ghana is also one of the countries that have a high amount of stock in the GDP of the country.

Then what results in most of this population living abroad and sending money to Ghana back. Ghanaian immigrants use various ways to send money globally. Let’s find out what are those ways Used for money transfer to Ghana.


People are using banks in the traditional way to send money to Ghana. But there are some unfavourable situations to create a transaction. To avoid this, you must have an idea about the situation may not be favourable to you.

Very high fees and reduced exchange rate

When it comes to international money transfer to Ghana charges high fees. You can be in the situation that your recipient also must pay while picking up the transaction.

It is unfavourable to you if you are not getting a reasonable or high exchange rate. For example, if you send money to Ghana from the UK and apply on it without getting a higher exchange rate to send money to Ghana.

Prolong Transaction Method and Time

To transfer money to Ghana, if banks use it, you are not able to help your recipient on time. Because you must go in-person to create a transaction with the bank. If the system is online, there is a need to submit some necessary documents. After creating the operation, you must wait when your purchase graces their porch or their bank account.

Not very useful to send money to Ghana

As you have read above, there is no way to help your recipient in real-time or when they need it. Because there are not multiple ways to send money online. Also, the next discussing things might not be sufficient for a sender unless you are wealthy because there is only one way to pay for your transaction.

While many other factors might not be very favourable for you, like, lacking prompt customer support, more labours and time taking, additionally, if you borrow the money you must pay interest.

You can also send money to other countries like: Ghana, India, Nepal, Philippines & Uganda.

Online Money Transfers Services

Online money transfer service is a pleasant and trendy way introduced on a large scale at least two decades ago. There are various teachers helping migrants to send money to Ghana online. Let’s find out the features that are attracting people on a large scale.

  • Send money faster
  • Pay low fee
  • Get a high exchange rate

These are the essential features that are attracting people. But not all of them do not give features at the same level. Let’s find out if there are money transfer services that provide you with the best features. Some additional great features that will ease you for now or the future transactions transfer money online.

ACE Money Transfer

Migrants are striving for the best money transfer service that will allow you to send money online via spectacular feature. They are serving people from the past 17 years to ease them. You can make a transaction by having great features that will also help your recipient too by not paying any money at picking up.

Send Money Anytime

It is a great feature that senders need to have their recipient anytime when they need money. If you got a money transfer service like that you do not need to shift for another money transfer company to initiate your transaction.

It might happen when there is a holiday or not a business day then you must wait until they allow you to send money globally.
ACE Money Transfer is spectacular of all that allows you to send money anytime, any day, 24/7 without any interruption. There is no restriction, but you do not send money online at that particular time or that specific day.

Only pay flat charges without hidden fee

When talking about the fees, there is another factor included that is the exchange rate. Sometimes companies offer you to pay a low cost that attracts you while giving you a flat exchange rate. Seldom they invite you to have a higher exchange rate, and you must pay a high fee.
Or sometimes if your transaction has additional charges hidden in the exchange rate that you must be when you initiate the transaction.

Then what one can do will send money to Ghana online via money transfer services. ACE Money Transfer allows you to know about the fee, exchange rate and the amount your recipient will get in advance.

Speedy transactions and payment

If secure is allowing you to send money anytime, are they able to send money swiftly? So that your recipient will get the funds transferred by you in the promised time. Also, you can send money to Ghana through various methods. You can make the rapid payments by paying through an online bank account credit card and debit card.