Send money to Ghana with the lowest cost remittance

send money to Ghana

To send money globally anywhere is very convenient now. One can send money quickly online to any country. People living overseas have no worries relating to money transfer.

Send money to Ghana:

Ghana is a country in West Africa. It is located along the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean, in the subregion of West Africa. This country has entered in middle-income countries. It has the population living overseas and supporting their families in Ghana. Ghana receives money in the form of funds or remittance. The money transfer is very feasible to Ghana also in today’s world. Money transfer can be done through:

  • Bank transfers
  • Online service provider money transfer

Money transfer through the banks comparably with the online running organizations of money transfer id difficult. The tiresome visit to the banks and hectic waiting in the queue drain a lot of time and energy. Oppositely online money transfer through this service provider online is easy. Banks also charge high fees and have high exchange rates. This also makes the bank transfer expensive for the people. So for all these reasons, online money transfer organizations have emerged as the main source of money transfer overseas to send money globally.

Send money online:

One can now send money quickly online to Ghana or any country worldwide. The online facility of money transfer has made life easier for overseas people. Anyone can now transfer money online sitting at home or anywhere else. The service providers have also been increasing in number. There are very big and reliable names for money transfer available. People overseas can send their earnings home safely and securely with the help of these companies. Some of the names that can be used to send money to Ghana are mentioned below:

  • ACE Money Transfer
  • Western Union
  • Transfer wise
  • World Remit
  • Money Gram
  • Paypal
  • Xoom

All these and many more organizations are providing their services to send money to Ghana online.

ACE Money Transfer:

Aftab Currency Exchange Limited has established its name as ACE Money Transfer. ACE is based in the United Kingdom. It is helping people worldwide to send money transfer funds or remittance to home. The organization has emerged as a trustworthy and compatible service provider. ACE allows people from 23 countries to send money to their loved ones to send money online. It has its services to send money to more than 90 countries. ACE has a very easy and secure three steps money sending procedure as:

  • Choose the country and amount
  • Choose the recipient
  • Send money globally.

Procedure required:

Through ACE the procedure required to send money globally or to send money to Ghana is the same. The procedure is very easy and accessible. The step-wise procedure to send money is as follows:

  • You register yourself on ACE. Registration can be done through the website or application of ACE. The registration requires an email address, password.number and location e.t.c. One can also register directly through facebook account too. The registration is the first step to enter into the family of ACE members.
  • After registration, you can log in to your account onACE any time. The login access makes you do further actions. One can enter data; change settings make money transfer or view the history of actions through login.
  • The process of money transfer can be enjoyed after log in. You can send money to anyone anytime you require. The sending of money to anyone requires the entry of details about you, the amount and location of pickup and about the receiver. This entry of data is very important for making a safe and secure transaction of money.
  • The tracking of money can be done after making a money transfer. You can access the location or situation of your money transfer through tracking. Tracking requires the pin code entering by you to track.
  • The receiver can instantly withdraw the money received after money transfer. The money received can be collected easily from the pickup point. The pickup point location is the bank branches located in different parts of the country. The pickup point provides you to receive money in cash form. The bank having branches in ghana as follows:
  • the Wari Ghana
  • United Bank of Africa Ghana
  • First Atlantic Bank Ghana
  • Bank of Africa in Ghana.

ACE Money Transfer is facilitating Cash pickup from Accra to Kpandu in Ghana. The receiver will receive a 9-digit code instantly after the creation of a transaction.


ACE Money Transfer promises of peerless remittance experience for the customers at admirable services. ACE satisfies its customers fully and provides up to the mark services and facilities. The benefits of money transfer through ACE is as follows:

  • Reliable:

ACE is a trustful and reliable name for money transfer. It provides safe and secure money transfer services to the customers.

  • Various payment method:

ACE provides the facility to use different payment methods to send money. The payment method may be through debit card, credit card or bank account e.t.c.

  • Customer service:

It has 24/7 online customer service that provides a very user-friendly environment for the customer. You can inquire or get information from the customer service anytime.

  • App:

ACE money transfer app is also available so you can download it and get it on your screen all the time. All of the action and querries can be done and solved through the app.

  • Facebook Messenger:

You can also transfer money through ACE using the facebook messenger. You can search for ACE Money transfer and chat with the bot to send money through messenger.

  • Instant Money transfer:

You can send money transfer online quickly through ACE. In little time transfer is done and is available to transact.

  • Low fee:

The fee charged by ACE is very low and has cheap rates. One can easily afford the fees charged. The fee can be as low as zero mostly.

  • Best exchange rates:

ACE offers the best exchange rates for the customer. You can check exchange rates through the website or App. The exchange rate changes daily.

  • Pickup point:

The delivery of money transfer is through the pickup points. The money can be transacted through the pick-up points. The receiver can get the money in cash form through the pickup cashpoints.


The online money transfer anywhere in the global village world is very accessible. One can easily send money to any part of the world through online money transfer providers. These providers offer low fees and best exchange rates and make money transfer pocket-friendly for the customer. ACE Money transfer is proving overseas people to send money to Ghana and more than 90 countries. The process of money transfer through ACE is convenient, reliable fast and pocket-friendly.

Also send money to other countries like Ghana, India, Nepal, Philippines & Uganda.