Problems I Faced After Moving to the UK!

send money to Ghana

I was born and raised in Ghana. But upon growing up, like a large number of youngsters in the modern era, I too wanted to move abroad and find better-earning opportunities. So I started my search, and within two months, I had found an excellent job there, and I was on a plane to the UK.

I had moved to the UK, but my family still lived in Ghana. So the next challenge in my way was to find out a way to send money to Ghana so that I could pay my share in the household expenses.

Since Ghana is amongst the countries that account for around sixty per cent of the overall international remittance, therefore I came to know about several channels through which I could support my family when living in the UK.

Common Ways Of Money Transfer

Wire Transfer Via Banks: The use of banks is the most common and oldest way through which people send money globally. So, I opted for this way as well. I went to the bank where I had my account and wired the money back home.

The payment was received safely, but the downsides that I observed during this process was the fact that it took around three days for the money to be collected, and the transfer fee was very high. Moreover, the exchange rate offered was not that high. All in all, I was not very happy with this choice.

Using Mobile Applications

The next month, I decided to try something new and opted for a mobile application to send money. So, I went online and downloaded a common send money online application. I signed up for an account and attached my bank account with it.

Next, I entered the details of my recipient brother to whom the money was to be sent and entered the amount of money as well. It was so far the most convenient and secure method of money transfer, but since I was unable to locate and monitor the payment, therefore I was a bit uncertain till the money had been receiving.

The exchange rate offered was not good, either. So, despite being convenient, I did not approve of the use of mobile applications as a regular channel of money transfer.

Through Money Transfer Service Providers

After trying out these two options, my quest to search for a way to send money quickly online has still not met fruitful conclusions. Therefore, I went to a money transfer service provider known as ACE Money Transfer for the third month. They had a fantastic team, and they took the time to explain the entire process to me.

Their transfer fee was very minimal, yet the exchange rate was the highest one offered so far. Moreover, the money was transferred and received immediately. Thus, I had found the perfect way to send money back home. Now I only trust ACE Money Transfer to help me send money to Ghana.