Send Money to Nepal in a few Simple Steps

send money to Nepal

Nepal is the smallest state in Africa. Due to its poor-economic state and high poverty, a vast number of people have migrated from the state for work purposes. Many of these people do not have very high qualifications or technology know-how to follow lengthy procedures to send money to NepalThereby, ACE Money Transfer has provided its customers with the most natural processes.

The main issue confronted by these migrants is the lack of infrastructure in all Sub-Saharan regions. When people want to money transfer to Nepal, they have to face different problems because of the low number of payout locations and banks in the state.

The best answer to this problem is to send money online. The trend of online transfers has been increasing significantly in this state. Now, many informal channels are operating in poor regions which are not safe. Due to a high rate of remittances, legal money transfer organisations are starting to provide their services in the state. Expats from Nepal in developed countries prefer to send money to Nepal online.

Process of Money Transfer Online

ACE Money Transfer has more than 275,000 payout locations and 1400 banks, which makes it easier for the beneficiary to withdraw the payments as well as money transfer to Nepal and hundred plus worldwide. Their process for international transfers is very feasible, which takes minimum time for completion.

  1. Enter the amount (to be sent) and Country (of the beneficiary)
  2. Enter the details of the recipient (Name, Number, E-mail and IBAN ID)
  3. The payment will be sent.

After the transaction, a Shipment ID is shown to the users. You can use this to check your order’s status at any time. It provides a feeling of satisfaction and also helps in estimating the package’s arrival time so that the receiver can easily schedule pre-hand, unlike other providers. No extra or unnecessary information or documentation is needed. Only telling the name, number and account number is good enough to make a safe overseas transaction.

Cash-Receiving Options

For people living in urban areas, there is a multitude of cash receiving options available, including cash withdrawal and online money transfer to Nepal and other countries worldwide.

Online Money Transfer

If you have to do an online transfer, then you have to apply prior a day or two, explaining the reason for online. After its acceptance, the payment is transferred only by cash depositing and the beneficiary can also withdraw that only by visiting the bank or its location himself.