Send Money to Nepal in Best Possible Way

send money to Nepal

Do you want to send money to Nepal to your family or friends waiting there? Are you tired of wasting your money just to carry it?

Well, you have finally reached the destiny of your dreams. Here we are going to introduce you to the best online money transfer service that would put you in amazement. Now you do not need to worry about remittance fee and long transfer durations of money transfer. You would not even have to go to the banks again and again for this purpose.

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ACE Online Money Transfer; Your Money Transfer Partner

In the year 2020, technology has developed a lot there some people have also initiated various paths of trickeries in the market. People send money online through money transfer company to avoid scams and they are begged to pay high proportions of money in the name of remittance fees etc. So you need to be extremely cautious about your transactions over the net for preserving yourself from any such loss.

From today onward you can money transfer to Nepal using ACE Money Transfer Service for it gives you the best features that include:

  • Easy transfer method
  • Fast remittance rates
  • Low transfer cost
  • Multiple cash pick up points
  • Multi-currency transactions
  • Various payment methods
  • Experienced professionals
  • Minimum waste of money
  • Good customer reviews

Online money transfer Service provider has 17 years of experience in the niche of world global online money transfer. It is providing the most unique services all around the globe.

ACE Online Money Transfer an Extraordinary Online Money Transfer Service

ACE furnishes the best service in this respect as it has all the characteristics in the nicest form. Its time phrase is extremely tiny that means you can send money in Nepal in the lowest time. It enables you to relish multi-currency transactions. It gives the fairest exchange rates for your amenity.

Transfer Period

The transfer period is the time duration in which your money is transferred from the one region to the other region on your request. If you want to transfer money to Nepal, the major thing you will be needing is an instant money transfer to your home country and this all can be done by the use of a money transfer service furnishing least time to send money globally.

Multicurrency Choice

The most enormous obstacle of wire money transfer is that it does not give an exchange for all the currencies that you want. Online money transfer service beautifully eliminates this shortcoming by providing you with multicurrency accounts. ACE money transfer has updated its services to provide you with this unique feature.

Exchange Rates

An exchange rate is the rate of a country’s currency in phrases of not with her country’s currency. Most of the firms provide curtail exchange rates on money transfer to Nepal or to any other part of the world. While you are examining the authenticity of a money transfer company, you must notify the prerequisite of its exchange rates and then you should opt for the company delivering best exchange rates.

How to Send Money to Nepal?

To send money to Nepal you are required to fulfil the following procedure:

  • Install the ACE Money Transfer App or visit our website.
  • Choose a method of online money transfer of your choice.
  • Add recipient’s information as it is asked.
  • Enter the amount of money that is to be transferred to the recipient.

We will send you and the recipient a confirmation message on the successful completion of the transaction.


In the world full of scams finding a reliable and authentic service to trust your money to is very difficult. For opting a service for this kind business that involves the money that you have earned after a lot of hard work you should check each and every aspect of the service. ACE has been trusted by a vast majority of people around the world and it has been performing this function for many years. So we offer you our service for your online money transfer to Nepal or any other part of world. Just try ACE once and you will be in love with it.