Send money to Nepal online

Send money to Nepal online

The World Bank reported in 2019 that Nepal remittance growth is increasing by 20% in early 2019. Another report that is also presented by the World Bank that Nepal is one of the lowest costs of sending money from abroad. There may be a reason that people can’t find a trusted way to send money to Nepal. You must have the knowledge of the best way to send money to Nepal online if you want to send money to Nepal.

Some online money transfer services to send money to Nepal online

Some Best online money transfer services are given below:


Transfast is a secure and convenient way of sending money. Check the exchange rates and send money to Nepal. You can send money to Nepal easily. For the money transfer just select the country and amount after that enter the recipient and payout info then fund your money transfer. They provide you facility of the bank deposit and cash pickup. They provide you with a money-back guarantee feature.


It is an easy way to send money to Nepal. They facilitate you with instant bank deposit, instant cash pickup, and one day deposit. You can send money to Nepal through its website and app. You can pay with a bank account, credit card, and debit card. Thee is a 24/7 status update of your money. XOOM provides you with customer support and a money-back guarantee.

World Remit

World Remit is a secure and flexible online money transfer service. You can transfer money to Nepal through smartphones, tablets, or computers. Their facilities are provided on every platform. Check the exchange rates and you can send money to all major banks across Nepal. Most of the bank transfer through this money transfer service completed on the same day. World Remit also gives you cash pick up facility and cash is ready to pick up in minutes maximum of 3 minutes.

Xpress Money:

Xpress Money provides you with great exchange rates and low transfer fees when you send money to Nepal through this online money transfer service. Send money across Nepal, with our extensive network of over 14300 locations including IME Remit – Nepal, Prabhu Money Transfer, and Himalayan Bank. Xpress Money transaction completed through 16 digit XPIN code. You can either take cash or bank transfer. Xpress Money gives you convenience, safety, and value for money when you choose us.

Money Gram:

Money gram is a reliable, easy and fast online money transfer service. You can find a location and track a transaction on their website. They also provide you with the facility to send for cash pick up or send for bank deposit. They have approximately 350,000 agent locations around the world for cash pick up. More than 400 banks around the world for bank deposits.

Transfer Wise:

It is a fast, reliable and low-cost online money transfer service. They have a huge range of trusted customers. They provide you with global support. Transfer Wise exchange rates and fees are the best among all biggest online money transfer services. Through Transfer Wise money is delivered locally. You can find the whole detail of the money transfer to Nepal. Available payment methods on Transfer wise are Bank Transfer, Debit Card, Credit Card, and Swift.


The advantage of using InstaReM is that it provides 0 margin FX rates, easy transfer, and loyalty points. InstaReM is a cost-effective, easy and transparent way to send money. The best part is that there is no hidden fee that surprises you. It provides you with a fast and easy transfer.

ACE Money Transfer

ACE Money Transfer is one of the best options for online money transfer services. It provides you with all the options and features you are looking for in every money transfer service.

ACE provides you with the services to send your money in low fees and the best exchange rates. It is very convenient and easy to use. ACE Money Transfer will send your money in seconds. It always knows the time value of a customer. Their transactions are simple, hassle-free and quick. They use optimal exchange rates that is why you always get the best exchange rates. They provide you with multiple payment options that are bank deposit and cash payout. For the bank transfer, ACE Money Transfer has many banks and for the cash pick up they have almost 100,000 payout locations.

You can send money to Nepal in 3 easy steps: You just have to choose country and amount among many and select your recipient in the last that’s it, it sends your money around the Globe. Save your transaction number and tack your transaction whether it is a bank deposit or cash pick up. ACE Money Transfer provides you with this option for customer peace of mind.

Cash pickup

ACE Money Transfer provides you instant cash pickup facilities for Nepal. You can pick up your cash instantly from the nearest branches of the following banks. The company has so many banks associated with them for their operational activities. They could do the best work for you.

  • Citizens Bank International Ltd Nepal
  • Mega Bank Nepal
  • Araniko Development Bank Ltd Nepal
  • Century Commercial Bank Limited Nepal,
  • Siddhartha Bank Nepal
  • Best Remit Nepal

Bank Deposit

ACE Money Transfer is the best and secure way for bank deposits. ACE provides you with the best exchange rates and low fees for the bank deposit in Nepal. When you made a transaction, the money will be deposited into the receiver’s account within 1 day or a maximum of 3 days.

More you want to know about ACE Money Transfer

ACE Money Transfer gives you great exchange rates with peerless services. It gives you an admirable remittance experience. ACE gives you great customer support. Its service is easy to use on any platform. You can download their app on google play store and app store. ACE Money Transfer app has amazing positive reviews and best ratings on google play store and app store. Even though you can see the ratings on the trust pilot website. ACE got amazing response from there. In regard to customer support, they respond to every user of their app commented on social media. ACE Money Transfer thanked them or figure out the solution to their problem