Send Money to Nepal Using the Money Transfer Services

send money online to Nepal

Now send money to Nepal using a system practising the most reliable, authentic, secure, fastest online money transfer service provider, i.e. ACE Money Transfer. ACE is delivering its promises since 2002 providing its customers with the facilities of:

  • Fast remittance.
  • Best exchange rates.
  • Multiple Transfer methods.
  • Multiple delivery options.
  • Secure and trustworthy service.
  • Comprehensive approach.
  • Vast network.

ACE Money Transfer is a step solution assisting its customers for sending money online in the most authentic, secure and reliable way. It is gaining a massive reputation all over the world with 4.5 stars rating thus meeting the expectations of a habitué.

How does ACE Money Transfer work?

 ACE Money Transfer service allowing money transfers to Nepal, Nigeria, Philippines, Ghana, Gambia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and others such 90 countries work on a one-step solution. If you are someone who wants to send money to Nepal online and never encountered ACE Money Transfer, then follow the given steps:

  • Visit the ACE Money Transfer website or download an ACE Money Transfer App for more convenience.
  • Get yourself registered by entering valid details such as email address, full name, contact number, etc.
  • Verify your email address by clicking on the link sent by the company to your email.
  • And if you’re an existing user, then log in to your account by providing Email or Facebook id.

Now the time comes, when you are up to send money to Nepal using online money transfer service provided by ACE Money Transfer. So follow the below steps and put yourself at liberty, whenever it’s time to send money online.

  • To transfer money to Nepal, Choose Nepal as your destination country.
  • From payout calculator, select payout options, i.e. bank or cash.
  • Select the payout partner.
  • Enter the amount to send.
  • Add recipient information.
  • Select a payment method such as send money using a debit card, credit card or online bank transfer.
  • Confirm the details and add payment sending reason.
  • Click the pay now and send it to Nepal within no time. 

Customer Experience:

 Nancy was walking down her dog when she got a call from her friend living in Nepal to send any amount of money to her immediately. The sudden urge discombobulated her, causing her to lose her senses as she never sent money to Nepal before, and her friend met the severe financial issue, and she needed money in double-quick time.

Knowing the advancement of technology, she had an idea that there might be a way of sending money to Nepal using internet service with the online process. She searched for an online money transfer service and got surprised by its remarkable services. Online money transfer facility soothed her for the sixtieth of an hour, and again she got baffled when the time came to choose a money transfer company to send money to Nepal.

Nancy asked for suggestions from friends who were already sending money globally and compared different money transfer service providers. The only online money transfers service provider that seems to her the most authentic, reliable, secure and trustworthy service operator was ACE Money Transfer providing instant remittance services with best exchange rates and no transfer fees.

She instantly made her account by downloading online money transfer app and sent money to Nepal supporting her friend at the time of need thus ACE became a bridge at an awkward hour for both the friends and delivered it promise as usual.


 Now send money to Nepal online using ACE Money Transfer service provider and put yourself and your dear ones at liberty. Technology has made headway to the extent that everything is a touch away. Now become a ladder to your loved ones by supporting them financially and help them at the hour of need by using ACE Money Transfer.