Send Money to Nepal with Good Service 

send money to Nepal

Nepal, a country in South Asia, did not have multiple efficient ways to send money. But ACE Money Transfer Service has got the Nepali migrants back and allowed them to send money to Nepal in a short time. Personal remittances received; World Bank staff estimates based on IMF balance of payments data. Before you move forward, let’s have a look at the great features given by the ACE Money Transfer.

Low fee:

 It is easy and helpful for Nepali migrants to send money online with less transfer fee. ACE Money Transfer service allows you money transfer to Nepal online at a low price without any hidden or additional charges.

High exchange rate:

 If you have done remittance internationally, then you must know the value of having a high exchange rate. A top exchange price ensures that your money converts into your recipient’s currency at a high price. What about having an excellent exchange rate in the lowest fee? Yes! It is amazingly possible to transfer money to Nepal in that way through ACE Money Transfer.

Transaction option and payment options:

 Now you can’t wait to send money to through ACE Money Transfer to be in an advantageous situation. Look at its remittance option. It allows you to do money transfer to Nepal online through instant directly in Bank account or cash pick up options.

Instant cash pick-up:

  • You need to provide the required details
  • The amount of money that needs to be transfer
  • The money will send to the receiver at the other end
  • The posted payment can be received at the other end instantly.

The medium used for the cash pick-up is safe and reliable, so there is no risk of any loss or issues.

Payment for a transaction:

Are you tired of paying for your Transaction through one method? Do you need a maximum option to pay through that helps you when you are not in a condition to funding through one? Here is the solution for all remittance problems, ACE Money Transfer allows you to pay through different option for your transactions.

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Online Bank Transfer
  • Trustly

How to send money through ACE?

 It is super easy and flexible to follow the steps offered by the money transfer service to send money to Nepal online.

  • Create or register an account
  • Select the payment method
  • Choose Destination Country (e.g. send money to Nepal from UK)
  • Select a pay-out option, i.e., cash Pick up
  • Select pay-out location
  • Enter amount to send
  • Create or choose Beneficiary (recipient)
  • Confirm the Payment for your Transaction

Track your transfer:

 Everyone is concerned about their Transaction after creating it. Are you one of them? “Track your transfer” features help you a lot.

After creating a transaction for online money transfer to Nepal, you receive an email confirming that your Transaction is initiating and other necessary information. It also contains transaction code. This code helps you in tracking your Transaction.

You need to go on ACE Money Transfer, scroll down and you will see “Track your transfer” indicating enter transaction code, and monitor the progress of your payments through email. You will instantly know the status of your Transaction.

Customer service:

 ACE Money Transfer, a fast, secure and professional money transfer service that is trusted worldwide because of its exceptional service. They also provide customer support that encourages and give confidence to customer and migrants to send money to Nepal online through them. They have a relaxed mind knowing that they will handle all for them and if any problem occurs, they will gracefully handle it for them. You can have all great features through ACE Money Transfer app. You can have your answers for any ambiguity and question from their active customer support that helps you for money transfer to Nepal.