Send money to Nepal with more ease

Send money to Nepal

Nepal remittance growth in early 2019 raised by 20%, according to the World Bank report. Do you think that send money to Nepal is not easily possible online and you got dogged? That’s not the truth. There is a trusted online money transfer service ACE Money transfer. You can send money through this. You can do this by online money transfer services to send money to Nepal online. Now ACE Money Transfer is expanding its network in Nepal.

Nepal remittance

Nepal ranks in 19th place who receives most of the remittance. That receives most of the remittance by migrants living outside of the country.

Nepal remittance has been growing form the last three years. Looking at the remittance as the share of Nepal ranks in the 4th place. Personal remittance received by Nepal in current USD is 8,064,347.85 estimated by the World Bank staff in 2018.

Mega Bank Nepal Limited

ACE Money Transfer presents Mega Bank Nepal Limited as the new remittance payout partner in Nepal. It has approximately more than 7,000 locations nationwide. Instant services are provided by them. You can do cash pick up and bank deposits to Mega Bank Nepal Limited through ACE Money Transfer.

There are also many other banks in Nepal to whom ACE Money Transfer is connected.

Online money transfer services

The online services who provide the facility to send money to Nepal are:

  • TRANSFAST: They provide bank deposit and cash pickup for cash delivery. For the cash pickup, there are 19,000 plus locations nationwide. For the Bank deposit, you can send money to major banks. Money will be deposited into your bank account in 3 to 5 business days.
  • WorldRemit: You can do bank deposits, cash pickup, and airtime top-up. Your bank transfer completed on the same day. Cash will be ready to pick up in minutes.
  • XOOM- A PayPal Service: They provide instant cash pick up and instant bank deposits. For the bank deposit, you can send money to the Everest bank account. For the cash pick up, Your money will be ready to pick up from the4,600 plus location.
  • Xpress Money: You can do cash pick up and bank deposit. There are 14,300 locations for sending money to Nepal.
  • Money Gram: They provide you the service of cash pickup and bank deposit. They have approximately 350,000 agent locations and 400 banks around the world.
  • Transfer Wise: They give you the best exchange rates for sending money to Nepal. The transfer fee is transparent on the website. Your bank transfer will be completed on the same day.
  • Prabhu online: This is the legal and easy way to send money to Nepal. They have a vast network with banks in Nepal.

For more information visit the above listed online money transfer websites.

ACE Money Transfer

ACE Money Transfer is providing the facility to transfer money worldwide at any time at the lowest cost. You can send money instantly. It contains all the great features that a good money transfer organization must-have.

Why select ACE?

Listed below are some major reasons why people select ACE Money Transfer.

Simple and quick

This is a great choice by the migrants to send money to their home country. Transactions made through ACE Money Transfer is totally hassle-free. ACE Money Transfer is totally getting that everyone’s time is so precious. You can send your money as fast as possible.

High Exchange rates

ACE Money Transfer provides you the best and higher exchange rates. They make sure to send most of your money through optimal exchange rates.

Many delivery options

ACE Money Transfer mostly provides the options to send money for the bank deposit and cash pick-up. But as technology grows they also updated their system. Now they are also providing Mobile Wallet and airtime in the reward.

Secure and safe

ACE Money Transfer is giving you the opportunity to send money through the organization that has the best-deployed system for security. You can send money through ACE Money Transfer so easily. Your all info, transaction, money, and Privacy is secured with them.

Customer Support

ACE Money Transfer provides awesome customer support. They solve every of its customer’s problems with sending remittances. If the user is new to transfer money they guide him or her.

They reply to each of its users who want help on the social media platform very gently.

How to send money to Nepal through ACE

You can send money to Nepal from the ACE Money Transfer website as well as form their app.

First, go and make the transaction by selecting the amount and country. After that, select your recipient. Then make the confirmation of transaction and you are ready to send.

Sending money to Nepal

ACE Money Transfer provides the facility to send money to Nepal for the cash pick-up and the bank deposit.

Cash pickup in Nepal

Cash pick up facility for Nepal is instant. You can send your money to Nepal and your money will be ready to pick up from the branches of the following Banks

  • Mega Bank Nepal Ltd
  • Araniko Development Bank Ltd Nepal
  • Century Commercial Bank Limited Nepal
  • Siddhartha Bank Nepal
  • Best Remit Nepal
  • Citizens Bank International Ltd Nepal

Bank deposit to Nepal

You can send your money to Nepal for the bank deposit through ACE Money Transfer. The money will be deposited into the receiver account. This service gives you the best exchange rates and the lowest fee. This is a secure and cheap way to send money to Nepal.

Please bear in mind, business and foreign currency accounts are not being facilitated for the bank deposit in Nepal.

More of ACE

You can see the daily exchange rates on their website for Nepal. The good news is, if you are registered with them then you are able to see the daily exchange rates on your Facebook feed. You can track your transactions from their website for Nepal. You can also track transaction that is done anywhere worldwide through ACE Money Transfer.