Send money to Nigeria bank account instantly

Send money to Nigeria

According to the World Bank, Nigeria is the top 5th remittance recipient in the world. Most of the remittance grows because of sending money by the expat. ACE Money Transfer has been sending money to worldwide from the over past 10 years. So you can send money to Nigeria with them without any hesitation.

Some Nigeria remittance facts

Nigeria received most of the remittance sent to Sub-Saharan Africa. Nigeria ranked on the top with the remittance of $21.9 billion. But if we look at the remittance as the share of GDP, Nigeria has a decline.

As compared to the 2017 Nigeria remittance increased by 14%. From the past 2 decades, its inflows have a significant rise.

Common reasons to send money to Nigeria by expat or migrants

Most of the expat send money to Nigeria for small businesses, health care, savings, educations. Household support and investment in the market instrument and other assets.

So that their siblings and loved ones can withdraw or pickup cash for their needs.

Different methods to send money to Nigeria

You can send money to Nigeria by online money transfer services. You can also send money by the bank, checks and the money order.

Banks: Many banks allow you to send money to the Nigeria bank account. But it may charge high costs as the transfer fee. Their exchange rates are very low than the mid-market rate.

Cheques and money order: These methods are not commonly used but they are still valid. This is a slower method. In the fast era, people want to use the faster method.

Online money transfer services: These are some famous online money transfer services TransferWise, WorldRemit, TRANSFAST, AZIMO, Western Union, and XOOM – A PayPal Service, Xpress Money, Ria Money Transfer, and many others.

Some of these services facilitate you with money orders and checks like Western Union and Money Gram.

ACE Money Transfer

ACE Money Transfer resolves all of your problems to send money to Nigeria. You can send money in the very lowest fee and the highest exchange rates. Best of all this is a very fast service.

Why use ACE Money Transfer

You can send money at any time with the lowest fee. You get the lowest fee and the highest exchange rates.

ACE Money Transfer values the time of their customer. They send the money to the destination as soon as possible. They have very fast service.

You can be assured that ACE Money transfer is giving you the best exchange rates. Because they make sure that you are able to send most of your money through optimal exchange rates.

ACE Money Transfer provides you with multiple payment options for different countries. The delivery options that they provide are Bank transfer, cash pickup, and Mobile Money and Air time.

ACE Money Transfer has deployed the best system to protect the customer’s data. Your money, transaction, account details, and privacy is secured with them.

They give huge and awesome customer support to their users. They are actively responding to their customers. This makes a friendly environment and feels like they are connected.

They have very good reviews about the remittance that people have done with them. The interface of the ACE Money Transfer App and website is very easy to understand.

How to send money to Nigeria

You can send money to Nigeria through the ACE Money Transfer website. You can send money in a few simple steps. First, Choose Country & Amount to send. Second, Choose Your Recipient and give some details about that. Third, Send Money around to Nigeria! That’s it.

You can also make transactions through the ACE Money Transfer app. Their app is available on the Google Play Store and the App Store. So that they can facilitate their service to everyone. This is very easy to make transactions through the app. Just go to the transaction option to make a transaction and give some details. You can do it in a few clicks.

You can track your transaction through the ACE Money Transfer website. ACE Money Transfer provides this feature for the customer’s peace of mind. So that they have a carefree time.

Sending money to Nigeria

It is the fastest way to send money to Nigeria. The delivery option that ACE Money Transfer provides is Bank deposit to Nigeria.

Bank Deposit to Nigeria

You can send money for the bank deposit to Nigeria against the highest exchange rates and lowest fees. Your transaction will be completed in just a few hours. It’s a great choice by migrants to send money by using this secure and cheap way.

When you send money to Nigeria you can get instant cash pickup from the branches of the following banks.

  • Standard Chartered Bank in Nigeria
  • Sterling Bank Plc in Nigeria
  • Union Bank of Nigeria Plc
  • UNITY BANK PLC in Nigeria
  • WEMA BANK PLC in Nigeria
  • United Bank of Africa
  • Guaranty Trust Bank in Nigeria
  • Access Bank in Nigeria
  • Diamond Bank in Nigeria
  • First Bank of Nigeria,
  • Zenith Bank in Nigeria
  • ECOBANK PLC Nigeria
  • First City Monument Bank PLC in Nigeria
  • Heritage Bank in Nigeria
  • Imperial Homes in Nigeria
  • Keystone bank limited in Nigeria
  • Skye Bank Plc in Nigeria

These banks are eighteen in number. It means ACE Money Transfer has a vast network in Nigeria with banks. So that you have no worries for the cash pick up. You can pick it up from the nearest branches of the above 18 banks.

Please note that foreign and business currency accounts are not being facilitated for the bank deposit in Nigeria.

Get a reward

By making more and more transaction you have more entries to win iPhone 11 Pro. ACE Money Transfer has made this offer until December 31, 2019. The winner is selected by the lucky draw. You can make transactions anywhere worldwide of any amount. The good news is Lucky draw will be conducted every week.

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