Send Money to Nigeria; Challenges Money Transfer Service Overcomes

Living and earning your livelihood in someone else’s country is not at all an easy task; you have to come across many challenges daily. But I assume the most significant problem one face living abroad is to find an authentic, reliable, safe and fastest way to send money to Nigeria.

It’s Time to Send Money to Nigeria 

 As an oversea Nigerian, you might be facing the given challenges on and off:

  • Finding a convenient way to send money online monthly as the family is waiting for the funds to meet their day to day expenditures.
  • Receiving a friend’s sudden call from Nigeria who is asking for money immediately, thus you are rushing to find the fastest money transfer service.
  • You were receiving high transfer rates and reduced exchange rates, thus wasting half of your hard-earned money in the money transfer process.
  • Every month when it’s time to money transfer to Nigeria, visiting money transfer firms and waiting for their delayed processes, thus wasting time from job hours.

All this causes money transfers to Nigeria a big hassle, and now you are thinking that coming to Nigeria and earning here was more comfortable than sending money to Nigeria.

Now let’s explore the best money transfer service that will clear the frame and overcome all the challenges you were facing before. But looking deep into its characteristics, let us find out what this service is:

What is an online money transfer service?

 An online money transfer service is the mash-up of old fashioned wire money transfer and new technology of electronic fund transfer, thus helping people to send money within seconds most conveniently and securely. Through online money transfer, send money in Nigeria is done by the exchange of coded data.

Now come towards the features that overcome the challenges you were facing using other money transfer services.

Transfer rates

 The pain of disposing your hard-earned money on the name of transfer rates now ends here because using online money transfer service, and you can transfer money to Nigeria in minimal or no transfer fees.

Exchange rates

 Online money transfer service uses the mid-market rate that reflects the real exchange rate. But other money transfer companies will surely give you reduce exchange rates.

Transfer speed

 The speed factor is the significant benefit that you can get from an online money transfer service. The only thing you have to do is:

  • Go for a specialist money transfer company, such as ACE Money Transfer. It will provide you with the best services.
  • Set up your account in money transfer website or app.
  • Add your information.
  • Enter the amount to send.
  • Add beneficiary information.

You and the recipient will get the confirmation message, and money delivered within one to two business days. The surprising factor is; you don’t have to travel anywhere for such money transfer. All this do use a Smartphone having internet access anywhere anytime.

Agency network coverage

 Several companies are providing online money transfer service, and their network is spread all over the globe. Talking about ACE Money Transfer, so its interface spread over 90+ different countries of the world.

It will help you to send money online anywhere and if you want to money transfer to Nigeria than in addition to online money transfer you can approach their firms that are spread widely in different parts of the country.

Safe and Secure method

A lot of people do not send money globally, thinking their money will not be secured. If you too think the same, then eliminate this fear because online money transfer is the safest and secure method of sending money globally. The reason is, this service exchange data only, no paper is exchanged.


 Now money transfer to Nigeria is not at all a difficult task. You are finding the cheapest way to send money to Nigeria, go for an online money transfer company. Looking for immediate remittance, approach online money transfer service. Annoyed with high transfer rates and reduce exchange rates, choose online money transfer service and get relief from all the pains.