Send Money to Nigeria Easily – How Does Online Money Transfer Work?

send money to Nigeria online

Sending money to Nigeria in an economical and the most stress-free way possible due to advanced technologies.

Transfer of funds significant part of foreign transmittals as migrants have sent money to their home country. They are the cloistered savings of workers and families that are to be sent abroad. These also help in stimulating online money transfer services and their industries or trades. For this purpose, (for sending money abroad) it is always advised to go for the online transaction because it is a convenient way and all it entails is an internet connection and a device.

At first, you need to login to a money transfer company’s portal using your login ID and Password. Now you are required to add a legatee that would be the person to whose account you wish to send the money. To add a beneficiary, you need the person’s name as per his bank account or other details, such as account number and the IFS Code for bank office. Once you do this, your bank will confirm the details and add the beneficiary. This might take a few hours. Once a beneficiary is added, you can transfer the funds to his account.  Go to the ‘Transfer Funds’ section and select the beneficiary. Enter the sum you wish to transfer and then submit. These were the few easy steps of how you can send money to Nigeria online.

How Much Will It Cost?

A wide collection of possible fees and exchange rates can make it feel tricky to work out. So, find out the total amount of Filipino peso your pounds will buy, after all, costs. This gives you a figure you can now compare against other offers.

These costs are in 3 different part as follows

Money exchange rates – These will change throughout the day so if you’re comparing different offers, try and do it within a short space of time. It helps to change one currency into another, like dollars into peso.

Sending fees – what the firm will charge you for transferring the money.

Receiving fees – charges the receiver might have to cover to receive the money but you can ask to cover these at your end.

Why Choose Online Money Transfer?

  • Can be retrieved from anywhere
  • Arranged even expenditures can be done
  • Reports and confirmations are organized
  • It is more secure and safe

Online Money Transfer Through Companies

To send money online, there are many companies available on the internet but following is the most convenient to send your money, especially when you want to send it to the Nigeria.

ACE Money Transfer is very convenient for sending money. They are also providing few money transfer methods that work to receive money in many countries and the receiver can get their money on a debit card and withdraw from an ATM. They also have an option for direct transfer to the receiver’s bank account. It has a very little transaction fee including tax.