Send Money to Nigeria Online – Better Exchange Rate and Low Fee are Priorities

Looking for a reliable money transfer app or website to send money to Nigeria? No worries! There is no doubt, Nigeria is one of the countries where jobs and businesses are not developing on a high scale. Still, remittance industry has a special focus on this country. A large number of Nigerians working abroad use different service providers to support their families.

One of the reputed companies to send money to Nigeria online is ACE Money Transfer. A sender can use debit card, credit card, bank account details, Giropay (Germany only) or Bancontact (Belgium only) for sending money. It is really important to check the exchange rate, prior to sending money. The company is known for providing better exchange rates and low fee, in comparison with many other service providers.

Remittance industry keeps on improving worldwide, because many people from Asia and Africa often prefer moving to UK and Europe. It is easier to send money online through an app or website, and it doesn’t take your enough time.

For money transfer to Nigeria, it is preferred to choose bank transfer because this is a safe method for this country. Bank transfer is selected to provide a secure way of collecting the money in Nigeria.