Send Money to Nigeria Online from ACE Money Transfer Company

Gone are the days when to send money to Nigeria, one has to travel long to banks or other money transfer service providers and wait for their delayed processes fining high transfer dues and gaining reduced exchange rates. All this causes money transfers to Nigeria a problematic process.

Till to the date money transfer to Nigeria or any other part of the world seems an arduous task for the people who are never introduced to online money transfer service or are using other painstaking money transfer services.

Online money transfer service is the most reliable way to send money online to Nigeria without any hassle most satisfyingly and conveniently. You can send money to Nigeria online now through online money transfer service in just a few clicks sitting anywhere, anytime.

The best part is that your hard-earned money will be transferred to Nigeria or anywhere around the globe as it is, without any withdrawal of transfer dues. That all may seem to you a sweet dream, but no this is for real. Let’s look into the facilities an online money transfer service is providing, but before this let us understand;

What is an Online Money Transfer Service?

Online money transfer service is the modern way to transfer money to Nigeria, which is equivalent to a wire transfer of old technology. It is a mash-up of old fashioned wiring money and new technology of electronic fund transfer that causes you to send money online using internet service.

It provides its customers with the following facilities:

Instant Delivery:

The best feature you encounter when you send money globally to Nigeria is the quick transfer of funds. Immediate delivery of funds to the home country is the most satisfying service to a customer as using other money transfer services causes slow remittance putting people in difficulty.

Exchange Rates:

Online money transfer service enables you to send money globally with the best exchange rates on every money transfer.

No Extra Dues:

Extra dues that were faced by the people using other painstaking money transfer services eliminated when you send money online to Nigeria or any other part of the world.

Multiple Delivery Options:

Online money transfer service provides various offers and packages on and off so that people are facilitated and use these packages at the hour of need in lowest cost remittance.

Multiple Delivery Methods:

You are provided with various delivery options when you opt online money transfer service while transferring money to Nigeria. These options may be in addition to online transfer service such as:

  • Send money quickly through money transfer
  • Transfer money in person
  • Transfer money on phone calls.


Secure and Reliable Service:

Many people do not send money in Nigeria using online money transfer service thinking it as fake, unreal or unsafe service causing their payments to get hacked or stolen. But that does not issue money is transfer to the recipient in the form of coded data. And once the recipient receives the money, it is decoded and is convert to paper as a bank deposit.


Now eliminate all your fears and insecurities you have regarding online money transfer service and safely send money using a trustworthy and reliable money transfer service such as ACE Money Transfer that is facilitating its customers from the past 17 years.