Send Money to Nigeria Online — Transfer Money from One Bank to Another

People have to transfer money to their family and business partners if they want to provide them with financial support. Most of the people consider sending money online because it is secure.

Online service allows you to send money to Nigeria and other desired countries. Now it has become easy to transfer money from one bank to another bank because of online banking options.

There are several methods to transfer money from one bank to another bank. All these methods have their benefits and drawbacks, but the thing is you get your cash transferred.

What are Important Things to Consider While Bank to Bank Transfer?

Bank to bank transfer option is useful if both accounts are yours. Bank to bank transfer depends upon banking institutions, and whatever you want to make an international transfer or domestic transfer.

You can easily set up a transfer, and your money will be moved to a destination within two to three days, depending on the factors mentioned already. Most of the banks allow you to transfer your funds free of cost between connected accounts.

How can you link your accounts?

You need to login to the account first, from which you want to send money to Nigeria online. In the customer service area, you will see the option of adding an account, link accounts, or adds an external account. Click on this option.

After this, you need to provide the routing number of the bank and your account number to send money online. You can get this information from the check of the account or can ask from your bank.

After submitting all the information, you need to verify that the external account is yours. This can be done by providing a username or password for that account, or you can also do this by confirming small test transfer among these two banks.

If both accounts are in yours, then this is the best method. But if you have to transfer funds in some other person’s account, you will need third-party providers.

Is Traditional Ways for a Bank to Bank Transfer is Safe?

If you are not in a hurry to send funds, you can use the conventional form. In this method, you need to write down a check, and you are done. There is no need for the internet and no need to enter large numbers for logging in to your account.

If you want to transfer money from one account to another account of yours, you need to write a check to yourself. Put your name as the payee and deposit it in your account.

Final Thoughts

People need money transfer to Nigeria if they are living away from the family or have a business in other countries. If both parties have a bank account, then things become easy. They can transfer money from one bank account to another.

But if you want to send money globally, it would be better to consider online money transfer services. You can consider ACE money transfer. They let you transfer your money online, as they have a convenient website and mobile applications. You can get your funds transferred quickly and safely.