Send Money to Nigeria Through ACE Money Transfer Service

send money to Nigeria

Sending money to Nigeria in today’s date is not a difficult task because technology has provided us with the easiest, convenient, reliable, authentic, fastest and cheapest way to send money using best money transfer service. If you are ought to send money online but curious about its services and related features, then you are on the right page.

All your queries will be precise, and your curiosity will end after going through the given article. In this article, we will explain to you:

Money Transfer Service

ACE Money Transfer emerges to be the most trustworthy, reliable and safest money transfer service. It is a new way of technology that uses the internet service to transfer money from the host country to the recipient country through website or money transfer app while staying in house or office.

Working Principle of money transfer service

This money transfer service works on the phenomenon of transfer of data from one country to another. Once you pay the amount using bank deposit, credit card or debit card, the money transfer company will convert the amount into coded data. This data is transfer to the recipient’s country. Thus online money transfer proves to be the safest mean of money transfer to Nigeria.

Send money online

For sending money online to Nigeria, you can follow these given steps:

  • Choose a trustworthy money transfer company such as ACE Money Transfer and visit their website or install our ACE money transfer app.
  • Now, sign up in the account.
  • Please give them the asked information about both the sender and the receiver.
  • Add the destination country, i.e. Nigeria if you want to money transfer to Nigeria online.
  • Enter the amount for sending.
  • Pay the amount using online bank deposits, credit card, debit cards, Ideal or Trustly.

You and the recipient sitting in Nigeria will receive the confirmation message or confirmation call as per the convenience of the money transfer company. The money will be transferred in your home country within 24 hours to 3 business days every transfer process has different transfer time. It will prove online money transfer service the fastest remittance service among all others.

Money transfer to Nigeria online

Online money transfer provides with the most astounding features and confounding attributes that no one can ignore when it’s time to send money globally. Following are the characteristic features of this best remittance service:

  • Fastest remittance
  • Low-cost remittance
  • Excellent exchange rates
  • Vast network
  • Customer services
  • Multiple delivery options
  • No transfer fee
  • Different transfer options
  • Multicurrency accounts
  • 24 hours’ availability
  • Multiple cash pickup points
  • Comfortable and convenient service
  • Safe and secured service
  • Authentic and reliable service

ll, these attributes are retained by online money transfer service that let a customer choose this service whenever it’s time to send money globally. And yes, these characteristic features are real. You can immediately use this remittance service and check its authenticity.


By keeping in view your comfort and your family’s comfort, send money globally using online remittance services considering its confounding features and easy process. Moreover, using the best money transfer company, i.e. ACE Money Transfer, you will be more at ease as the company is delivering its promises for the past 17 years thus meeting the expectations of the customers.